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I'm currently reading Bligh by Dame Anne Salmond. It is a great read.


For anyone with an interest in European exploration of the South Seas particularly the voyages of Cook and Bligh, Salmond is the go to writer. She has a very deep understanding of Polynesian culture and is a very thorough researcher with a great eye for detail. All of her books are illustrated with contemporary paintings, charts etc. She also writes very readable books which paint a comprehensive picture of sea life and particularly the intersection of, then, European culture and Polynesian culture. So if these topics interest you give her books a go. Here is the list:


Two Worlds: First Meetings between Maori and European 1642-1772 (1991)


Between Worlds: Early Exchanges between Maori and European 1773-1815 (1997)


The Trial of the Cannibal Dog: The Voyages of Captain Cook (2003)


Aphrodite's Island: The European Discovery of Tahiti (2009)


Bligh: William Bligh in the South Seas (2011)








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Previous Build  - Armed Virginia Sloop by Model Shipways


Previous Build - Dutch Whaler by Sergal (hull only, no log)


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Thanks for the pointers Alistair, they look a good read.  I'll keep my eye open for some of these :)





If at first you do not suceed, try, and then try again!
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Thanks Alistair,


Always interested in anything about Bligh and the South Pacific as well as Australia and New Zealand.  Lots of Dutch influence. 

Almost moved to New Zealand in the 90's to a Dutch settlement.  Sort of a commune.


Current Built: Zeehaen 1639, Dutch Fluit from Dutch explorer Abel J. Tasman


Unofficial motto of the VOC: "God is good, but trade is better"


Many people believe that Captain J. Cook discovered Australia in 1770. They tend to forget that Dutch mariner Willem Janszoon landed on Australia’s northern coast in 1606. Cook never even sighted the coast of Western Australia).

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