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jibboom guy pendant - standing or running rigging?


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Are the jibboom and flying jibboom guys / guy pendants part of the standing rigging or running rigging?  (this would be for RATTLESNAKE again).  Also, the plans say they are "set up with single blocks and tackle hooked to eyebolt in bows".   How large would these blocks be for a ship of her size (~90 feet)?


Perhaps a more basic question...what is the purpose of the guy pendants?


Any help that Forum members can provide will be appreciated.  






p.s.  The reason for asking is that the Model Shipways Instruction Manual lists them as STANDING rigging (p. 33) as do the old texts on rigging.  However, some of the Internet photos of completed RATTLESNAKE models, both MS and Mamoli, show beautifully crafted ships with the jibboom guys in tan, indicating running rigging.  I can see that many folks on this forum are sticklers for detail and authenticity, and was hoping for some resolution as to which is correct.  And I would still like to understand the purpose and function of the jbboom guys.  

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Hey Gary;


Guy pendants are considered part of the standing rigging, but they then have "falls" that would be used to tighten them.


From Steel

GUY-PENDENTS are put over the jib-boom, the same as the horses, and the inner ends reeve through a thimble, on the quarters of the spritsail-yard, and turn into the strap of a double block, with a throat and round seizings, which is connected, by its fall, to a single block, that hooks to an eye-bolt, near the cat-head, and leads in upon the fore-castle.


Falls are usually tan in shipmodeling as that line is running through blocks, and the Pendants themselves could be black with no arguments.


I haven't looked at rigging recently, but the run of them provides 2 functions - stabilisation, and helping haul the jib inboard when needed.


For sloops of 14 to 16 Guns Steel lists 2 singles (no double block as in larger ships) and gives 10" block for pendant, and 8" for the single.




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Think of the Jib boom as a mast put over on an angle.  The bob stays are the equivalent of a back stay, and the guys are the equivalent of the shrouds. The lead through thimbles on the spritsail yard gives the required spread angle to hold the jib from side to side and the tackles have the same function as dead eyes and lanyards for a shroud.



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