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I was reading The Anatomy of Nelson's Ships by Longridge last night. In particular I was interested in a drawing showing how a singe and dual block were rigged to help secure a cannon.


The single block seemed to be held in place by a continuous rope wrapped in a figure of 8 with two beckets, one at end end of the block. Please see the attached pdf file.


I would be interested to know how this type of rigging would be done for the model, boat builder as I suspect the normal thread may be to small to splice into a continuous loop.


Cannon Blocks.pdf


Any thoughts / ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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I agree that normal seizing is really an issue in scale.  I use a common pin to make the loops and merely tie the rope/thread secured with a touch of CA to hold it.


Away from the block wrap a piece of thread around a common pin, tie it and place a spot of glue on the knot then remove the pin.  Run the ends of the thread down each side of the block and secure the thread to the block on the sides using CA.  At the end of the block wrap both ends around a common pin, tie the ends pulling the common pin to the end of the block, and secure with a spot of CA then remove the pin and trim the excess thread.  It is actually harder to explain than it is to do.


Good luck.

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Scale is not so important, rather than the actual size of the threads/ropes. One can also using 'false' splices, i.e. pulling the whole thread end through the standing part with the help of needle. Somewhere on the forum this old method has been discussed in some detail.


Check out 'dafi's' thread on his HMS VICTORY in 1:96 scale for rigging the guns in a small scale !



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