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It's time for a long overdue review of what I think is an important book. The title is BRITISH CRUISERS OF THE VICTORIAN ERA by Norman Friedman with ship plans by A.D. Baker III. The book is published in the US by The Naval Institute and in England by Seaforth Publishing. Mr. Friedman, who is one of the world's preeminant ship historians, takes his readers through a remarkalbe 40 year period of changes from 1860 to 1900 in British naval design and implimentation in it's new cruiser classes.
Mr. Baker profides profile and overhead deck plans of some of Mr. Friedmans subjects in a very clear style. This serves to highlight the excelent text and many photos that Mr. Friedman has included.
In 1878 the designations of Frigate and Corvette had been droped by the Royal Navy. Two hundred years of the navy's most beloved classifications were gone with the stroke of a pen. In its place came the Cruiser. The evelution of ever more efficient steam engines, advanced construction techniques using iron and steel and shell firing guns allowed the navy to design ships that could serve to protect the Empire's expansion throughout the world; hense the cruiser.
This evolution presents many opportunities for the ship modeler. Many early cruisers were cpomposite built, having wood planking over iron frames and they carried a fully functional sailing rig. They also had complicated decks giving a viewer of the model lot's to see. In short, these ships make for interesting model subjects for the builder who wants to expand his or her subject matter beyond the eighteenth century.
So if you are a fan of frigates and corvettes as I am then I think youwill find this book to be an excellent addition to your library.
Norman Friedman, Ship plans by A.D.Baker III
Naval Institute Press, (US and Canada)  2012, 9 1/2 x 11 1/2", 352 pages b/w photos and plans
ISBN 978 1 59114 068 9




Bob Friedman

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