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A video about attaching shrouds, deadeyes, etc.


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Thanks Max,

I could have added one more thing and that is the alignment of the deadeyes. For this video I premade the two shrouds and proceeded from there. For an actual model the shroud lines would already be attached to the mast on top and the length would be adjusted at the deadeye at the bottom of the shroud.

To do this I have used a simple fixture shown below.


The two nails you see in the middle were used for some other shrouds higher up, so ignore them for now.


I take the fixture and slip it onto the bottom deadeye and clamp it in place. Then I put the top deadeye onto the nail and wrap the shroud around the groove in the deadeye. A drop of CA glue holds it in place and then I apply the seizings.

I hope this all makes sense because I only show the whole thing in place.


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