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End snippers, what can we use them for?

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For Christmas my mother-in-law bought me a pair of end snippers from MM. Yes, I did not mean 'slippers'.

The cutting edges are not along the sides, like most trimmers, but at the very end.

I have used them a bit for making brass parts and also to trim up the loose bits and pieces after seizing lines.

I know they will come in handy to trim the ends of rat lines (I use the needle and thread technique).

post-246-0-75643600-1390932046_thumb.jpg post-246-0-15961700-1390932073_thumb.jpg


I have done that with a pair of very small scissors, but did not like the clumsy nail trimmer.

Below are the before and after trimming pictures.

post-246-0-30655600-1390932090_thumb.jpg post-246-0-70902900-1390932106_thumb.jpg


Now I am wondering what else I can do with this tool.

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Yes, Micro Mark. I only mentioned MM.

These snippers are not cheap. $25 plus handling, etc.

They are also a bit delicate and I don't want to use them on steel, for example.

My son-in-law, who works in the electronics industry, wants one for cutting the ends of wires used in experimental circuit boards (one step beyond bread boards).

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Allow me please, to add one more thought about scissors.

We all have several, including those that belong to the admiral.

Below are some I have used. You can see the end snippers that I referred to. It has the light blue handle.

Then there are large clumsy ones that are nice for cutting fabric but not trimming lines.


But the one I still like is the one with the sharp points. I have no idea where it came from.

The closest is the one with the blue handle. I got that from the web as a 'nose trimmer'.

Do you have some favorites? I know they come in all sorts of sizes and styles.


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