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Greek Galiot by Amati

Robert V802

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Morning all - Started working on the Greek Galiot and I have a question.  All the tutorials on hull planking say to let the wood lie naturally but this ship has a wildly up curving bow that forms a defensive wall. There was a build log on the old site but we all know the tragedy that happened.

So, if anyone has built this model and can offer guidance or any ideas, that would be most welcome.


Will post some pics when I figure out how.







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Hi Robert.

I have built the Greek Galliot but unfortunately I haven't kept photos from her construction.


Reading in the manual to leave the planks " lie naturally", it means that you should do so, but after you have curved them in a form close to the shape of the hull. 

You might also need to make some cuts close to the edges to bring the planks close.


Because of the painting, you can't see what I have done to my model, I place a photo of another Galliot (from scratch-not mine) and I  think you'll get the idea...



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I haven't built this particular model, but from your pictures, it looks like the plan told you to place a first plank as per the drawing.  Yet it looks like your first planks sits much lower along the hull and slopes much more sharply to the bow.  I fear if you proceed like you did, the planks will be almost impossible to lay cleanly next to each other (clinker effect).



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