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  1. Hi. I'm not familiar with Greek ancient ships but I collect whatever seems rare and useful for others... So take a look there https://www.scribd.com/document/249688135/Georgio-u or you can make a search with the term "BRONZE AGE SHIPS AND RIGGING pdf". Thx
  2. Thank you all. Shooner. I buy tools only when I have exhausted all my other options. Ship modeling should be something joyful, rather than stressful... Thx
  3. Hi all. Here is my method that I used to follow in the days of MSW-1, when I was younger and more passionate... Thx
  4. I have two sketches-ways in my library, that might help you a bit. Sorry but I haven't kept the source... Thx
  5. I reply myself from another post... You could try by visiting a local repair store in which, a non functional CPU might be given for free, related fb pages where you can find them also for free or by an exchange and finally from the ebay starting from around 2 euro-dollar. Thx
  6. Hi Glenn. I don't see any blasphemy. I prefer the shortcuts whenever I can. Proper shortcuts is another kind of skill...🙂 So, every old processor (CPU) can give you many tiny nails with round head. Depending on the possessor you can have different sizes. It might help you if you decide not to make just pencil marks. Thx
  7. Μιχάλη Καλώς ήλθες... Michel Welcome aboard... Thanasis Thx
  8. Thank you Nikiforos-Thank you Igor. You're both vary kind. Vagelis, You amazed me…Eventually you found the way to join us here. By the Italian way…😉 Thank you buddy. Grazie Nikiforos-Grazie Igor. Siete entrambi molto gentile. Vagelis, mi hai stupito ... Infine trovato il modo di unirti a noi qui . Con via Italiana ...😉 Grazie Compagno. Thx
  9. Many thanks for your comment Dave. I feel flattered and I appreciate it. Thanasis
  10. Many thanks for your comments mates.!
  11. Hi Nils. First of all I would like to thank you and I appreciate that you always comment my work with kind words. As about the baggywrinkles you only have to take a look there: https://modelshipworld.com/topic/1133-baggywrinkles/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-628092 Many thanks Nils
  12. Hi mates...I'm back with an new model and a new partner... He is responsible for the fuzzy rigging... Thx
  13. It's a scratch built model at 1:30 scale. It represents a real one cargo vessel, at the age of sail.
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