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  1. Well, in fact there is a way to correct a mistake and remember it without feeling bad...Change its artistic presence.... Thx https://modelshipworld.com/topic/4157-my-greek-state-of-mind/?tab=comments#comment-118069
  2. You're right George. There is a transom in the stern although the bow follows the shape of a typical trechantiri's hull. Well, it was not common but yes there were cases where in Gr. traditional shipbuilding, transformations appeared in a typical shape of a hull. These hulls-boats were called "Bastards" or "Mule" and were being built for certain use purposes ... However I haven't hear or found anything about a Trechantiri with transom in Aegean Sea. So I can only guesses for what reason this occurred in some Gr. boats in Tarpon Springs. One could be that it's been kept the transom f
  3. Hi George. To secure your confidence on where a mizzen sail could be placed, allow me say this in short... Once when I was dealing with a model of a peculiar Gr. sponge fishing vessel from Symi Island and seeing old models and engravings where the mizzen sail was set on the handrails of the stern, I had the same doubts as you. It was after a few years when some photos from Tarpon Springs and the sponge fishing boats of the Gr community, revealed the truth. The shipbuilding tradition was transferred there and had been kept until recently. Ps: The model of Skaphe is not
  4. About the "trincarino" and the frames, it's ok Gb. I have been also through these misjudgments and as my teacher used to say: "I'm sure you will remember it in a next model".🙂 Well, my idea for representing of hairy cup-cover on the steampost is simple but I think quite effective. Take a pipecleaner and make some loops on a rod close to the stempost's dimentions... You can leave it this way, or you can cover the rod with thin paper, place some white glue and make the loops . If you don't like the usual color, you can use water colors and a paintbrush to make some black highlights
  5. Gb, sorry for the space abuse but just for the knowledge. http://www.veniceboats.com/trabaccolo-pelliccione.htm Thx
  6. As far I can remember there was such a discussion (lost with Msw1) about that fleece, in which the main viewpoint was that it used to be set there, to protect the sails from the long stempost (?) @Gb If you follow the "curly hair" version on the stempost, I have a very good Idea. Thx
  7. Take a look there: https://www.cherini.eu/etnografia/Italia2/index2.html at no 117 and in the next page, from no 188 to 202. But I'm sure you will find interesting all the sketches... Thx
  8. Hi. There's no need to place more frames... In fact, I think that pair in left and right of the stempost are not required but you may leave them as supporters of the gunwall and inner structures. I can't see clearly, so I guess the same happens at sternpost. But I I think an image speaks better... So see the correct installation of the frames that are facing the central axis. You should think that if they were real frames, they already would have been installed vertically on the keel... Trincarino is the Italian term (Trepetee or courzeto in Gr) for a kind of margin plate wit
  9. Nice work Though, I think it would be more accurate, if the frames at stem and stern post, had been placed (or been trimmed) facing to the central axle of the hull. Aren't you going to place a margin plate (trincarino)? Thx
  10. Hi. Unless you have already think about, I would suggest to reconsider those formers you have placed to have curved deck. Being glued only in three points, you might have unstable parts of the deck, when you cut openings, since you will cut also part of them... Just a thought. Thx
  11. Hi. You might find helpful to see old photos of Malta’s – Gozo boat or dghajsa or Tal-latini (all names for the same boat) Thx M
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