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Plan does not match actual part on niagara

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I traced the bearding line, and when I went to lay down the trace, I see the plan is not the same as the part. See picture. The back half is perfect. At Bulkhead slot "L" toward bulkhead slot "A" they progressively get worse.


The stem can be lined up perfectly, but it leaves me with this gap at the stern. I assume I can simply trim the keel and that'll be fine, but I'm concerned with the placement of cannon and companionway...etc.


Is this going to cause me a problem?



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Check the scale on the plan and see if the bars measure 3/16". The plan may be off. They might have printed the plans to fit on the paper and that would throw them off from the laser cut parts.


So long as the parts fit, I would not worry about it. However, if there is a problem with the fit of the laser cut parts, then that would be an issue.



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I've noticed drawing to part mismatches on some of the kits I have mangled. The St. Roch (Billings) profile drawing does not closely match the profile of the keel bulkhead and the HMS Granado side-view drawing was short compared to the wood parts. Judging by the discrepancies I don't think it was drawing shrinkage but maybe copier error. In the old days when I worked on model railroad stuff there were definite dimensional shifts produced using certain brands of copiers --- horizontal would be dead on but verticals would be shortened. Now days you have to be careful with "fit to source" options when printing, that can distort a copy slightly and is hard to notice if the adjustment applied by the print software is small.


Mis-match is annoying and there is no easy way to deal with it in Kit with pre-cut parts. I generally use the pre-cut parts as-is and mark up the drawing as needed to show actual dimensions of the parts. After a certain point in the build most pieces are cut to fit the existing structure so drawing issues become less of an problem.



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Greetings Just...


Do not modify the keel/former. Just build it as called for. As was pointed out, plans shrink, the laser cutter could be off slightly, etc. I don't think it matters at all if the parts do not exactly match the drawings. The drawings are a guide to show what goes where and what the assembly should like at various stages.



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