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  1. I haven't started her yet, Tim. I'm still busy with my Revell 1:96 USS Constitution.
  2. The decks are molded in ivory white. I'm still deciding on flat brown or black for the undercoat because I'm thinking that black may be too stark as well. I don't think a wash would do too well because the deck detail is molded raised instead of recessed.
  3. 28 February 2015: I finished the gun stripe and the copper plating. Next comes the main deck bulwarks (green) and the gun deck bulwarks (white). As soon as I get a magnifying lamp I'll do the trim. For the decks I'll do wooden deck tan over flat black, the lightly sand until the black grain shows through. I know that there's a laser cut wooden main deck available, but I can't justify dropping $100 on it while the kit only cost me $60!
  4. 10 February, 2015: The flat black is done on the hull and transom. I'm going to give it 24 hours before I mask and paint the gun stripe and plating. I think I'll use my low-tack 3M blue masking tape because I noticed that my Tamiya masking tape is pretty sticky. Don't want to lift any paint!
  5. 10 February, 2015: The glue points for the gun deck and main deck have been masked and I'm ready to start on paint. I'll be using Tamiya acrylics. Flat black with a flat white gun stripe and copper below the waterline. Inside the hull will be flat green bulwarks for the main deck and flat white for the gun deck. Then comes the trimwork which I'm dreading. I think I'll go borrow my dad's magnifying lamp from his garage bench for that!
  6. I'm looking at the Syren for my second wooden ship build because she is linked with a line in the Marine's Hymn ("To the Shores of Tripoli"). Of course, I'm sort of talking pretty big right now as I am yet to begin my FIRST build! (Niagara)
  7. Looking great, Larry!!! While looking at yours and other Niagara logs, It's taking a LOT of self-discipline on my part NOT to sideline my current project (Revell 1:96 Constitution) and start on my Niagara kit!
  8. Thanks! I'll keep that in mind if needed. So far so good on my end though. The only problem I've encountered so far is some minor warping issues but they're manageable. The kit IS 40 years old, after all.
  9. While I am currently on disability due to an ongoing fight with cancer, I am employed as a Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) Technician with Alcoa Power & Propulsion- Howmet Castings in Whitehall, MI. My company's main business is the production of aerospace turbine and structural components. I also served 13 years on active duty in the US Marine Corps and 12 years in the Michigan Army National Guard. I am a veteran of Desert Storm as well as two deployments to Iraq.
  10. 7 February, 2015: Work on the Connie has been at a bit of a standstill due to other priorities. I just made a paint run to the not-so-local hobby shop. Soon I plan on painting the main deck and gun deck bulwarks and getting the hull exterior painted. What's a good mix ratio for red ochre paint? (for when I begin on the gun carriages)
  11. I'm getting ready to start assembling and painting the gun carriages for my Revell Connie and would like to know what a good mix ratio would be for an accurate color of red ochre. Also, is it a mix of red/brown or red/black? The same goes for yellow ochre for when I am ready to paint my Niagara once I begin construction. Thanks, mateys!
  12. Thanks, George. This release didn't have the sails, and I'm doing her with standing rigging anyway.
  13. 9 January 2015: The hull halves have been cemented together. I had to fight a little warpage but not bad for a 40 - year-old kit. After it sets up for 24 hours I'll have some filling to do along the keel, then it's on to exterior paint and interior "whitewashing" of the gun deck bulkheads. The main deck bulwarks will be green and the trimwork will be as per instructions.
  14. 4 January, 2015: Finished filling in the bridle ports. The first pic is before sanding with masking tape around the ports to save the surrounding detail in the plastic. Second pic is after finishing sanding and scribing in the plank lines and grain. Not perfect but I think it'll work. I didn't want to get overzealous and wreck existing details. Tomorrow I plan on cementing the hull halves together with masking and painting throughout the week.
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