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Painting fine details

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I have painted brass before using acrylics.  The secret is the brass needs some teeth.  The good thing about the original Floquil was it adhered to brass once cleaned and primed.  The secret was that it actually was very mild etchant just below white vinegar.  What I did after cleaning a brass part was let it sit in some white vinegar for awhile to give it a little tooth after a thorugh rinse and cleaning I was able to use acrylics after using a primer.  You have to experiment it did not always work.  In my opinion brass was always difficult to paint.

David B

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Just as David pointed out, cleaning the brass is important. But in my opinion, using a primer after cleaning is also necessary.

I have used some very fine wet&dry 1000 grid paper and then sprayed the parts with primer before the final paint.

Grant you, these were very flat pieces, but it worked well.

The primer I used was a standard, off the shelf, spray can.

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