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T37 by Floyd Kershner - FINISHED - Tippecanoe - Radio

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This is my abbreviated build log for my T37. The kit is made out of 1/16" thin Mahogany Plywood. For under $300 you recieve everything you need except Sandpaper and batteries. all the electronic and epoxy are included. Will Lesh is the designer and owner of Tippecanoe boats. He has the same guarentee as Model Shipways. He is just one those quality people that you find in the hobby. He has many different boats available but I would say the T37 is the most popular. It has become recognised as an official one design class of the AMYA (American Model Yatching Association). If you plan to race your boat I suggest you inquire about the racing upgrade.


So lets get started!


All of the plywood parts are laser cut so there is very little rough edge to sand. But I did start by light sanding of all parts. The you use straight pins to create a line along the bottom of the sides that is 1/16" from the edge. This will hold the bottom in place while the Eposy sets.




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The assembly is rather simple you use the pins to hold everything in place and then cover the joint with masking tape and apply epoxy. The deck is placed in the hull to help hold everything in the proper shape. Once the sides are epoxied in place you do the same thing to attach the deck. But you stare the boat upside down so that the epoxy runs into the crack between the sides and the deck.


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So in one short day you have a completed Hull. the longest part of this is waiting for the Epoxy to set. Now you install the Keel and seal the boat with a light coat of epoxy. The Keel is a fin keel with Fishing weights bolted to the bottom. you will need to cover all of this with epoxy. It is not necessary to plank the deck or paint the hull. But if you have a background in static modeling can you leave the deck plain?


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All that remains is the electronics and the rigging. There are those in the club who have completed their kit in 2 weeks. Now I must admit I used a secret weapon. I have a niece who works in a auto body shop. I just gave her the model and the jib. She did all the sanding and paint matching. And here you see the finished product. Now all I need is to learn to sail her as well as she looks.





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