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Cleaning copper without removing patina?

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The topic title pretty much states the question


I just want to check with the people who have the experience or mettalurgy to guide me.  I have left my copper plates to age with air exposure, with no particular concern about handling.   Now I'm at the point that I'd like to seal the copper away and get it under a hard protective layer, but want to make sure there are no organic oils on it, but obviously I want to leave the patina intact.


What could I use to take off any oils.


I'm leaning towards isopropynol - a lightly damp cloth rubbed over copper.   Any other options?



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Wefalck - thanks - acetone is not commonly in the house so that one hadn't even entered my thinking.


Vossy - I'm aware of those products, but I'd much rather keep the natural brown patina it's developed by itself over the past couple of years, so I'm going to try and not have to go down the artificial road.


Thanks Guys


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What kind of glue did you for your plating? You can also use Simple Green cleaner then wipe down with plain water. At work that is what we use to clean and remove grease from material it is safe and non toxic. You can Also use it around the house.

David B

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Hello There!

I do have one question to your topic:

How to you accelerate the aging of the copper?

I am building the Victory at the moment and in process of planking.

2000 tiles so far and not finished yet! It took 125 hours so far.

I would like to find a method to make the copper green as it is after many years in the salt water.

I have built the Cutty Sark, also with hull copper plates, but even after 3 years, the color is still bright.

Any good advice is welcome:)

Sail on mates!


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