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My project  now is the U.S.Alert 1805, they call it a cutter, but the hull design is more like a schooner. I'm

thinking I might like to try scale planking, I've tried to find out what the length of the planks were.but I couldn't

find any info, so if some one here has that information  it would be much appreciated. I've tried using 25ft. but at 1/25th scale it puts the planks at about 12 in. scale (if I calculated right :rolleyes: ). Please correct me if I'm wrong on this. Thanks


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Greetings Frank,


According to the book entitled A shipyard in Maine (about schooners built by Percy and Small between 1894 and 1920) planks up to 45' long were used to construct their schooners. All this proves is that builders used whatever was readily available and easy to work with. As to your build, I can't see how you could be wrong so long as you use a plank of reasonable length (12' to 20' or more) and, more importantly, follow the rules regarding joint placement.



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David...  I do have the AOS book , but like Wayne said, it's for an altogether different  ALERT.




Wayne ..... My mistake  :(  (1805), I don't know where that came from, you're right 1818 :P



wq3296....  Thanks for the information .As soon as I get finished lining off the hull,I'll see which length will fit best, and I'm pretty

                   sure I'll have to try my hand at spilling to have the planks lay nice and flat at the bow. 



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