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  1. Hi Sjors...... long time no see or hear from you ...like your build looking real good..Ill be stopping by now and then to watch your progress Give my best to Anja... have fun.... Frank
  2. God Bless you Danny.... so saddened to have heard this from you, thank you for all your guidance here, I will keep you in my prayers my friend. Frank (Riverboat)
  3. Here's some thing I came across that might interest some looking for a real small lathe https://www.wdivorce66.com/products/hot-sale-mini-diy-lathe?fbclid=IwAR16a0CVIN
  4. Hi Hoppy....... your build is looking good...... the bow came out with a real nice run..... unfortunately the stern need some work Mike was correct about the bevel on the last bulkhead you didn't have enough. with out redoing the whole planking again you might try cutting back those planks that are cracked on the last bulkhead and try putting in a balsa filler block at the stern and just re-plank those small pieces. you have to get a nice run there. I built this same ship a few years ago. You can ck it out by clicking on mhy finished builds thats on my signature. Good Luck and have fun!!~ Frank
  5. Hi Danny...first off ....so glad to hear everything went well for you and happy to see you back here at MSW.... nice build ,looks like an excellent kit... I'm sure your grandson will love it.. again welcome back... Frank
  6. Hi Sjors..... Im still hanging in here, just lost enthusiasm for building right now, hopefully I'll get back into the groove shortly. So you are the lone Capt. now..... that's good.... your work is looking real good. I'llm try to sneak in once ion awhile to see how your progress is coming along. Give my best to Anja OK? Talk to you later. Frank
  7. Beautiful!! work Doris , just beautiful....... your sculpting talents are to be envied, your work is an inspiration to all .... thanks for sharing.. frank
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