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6) Workability and Flexibility  

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  1. 1. Is it important to you that strips be milled along their grain and not across the grain to insure maximum bending capability? Of course this property will vary by species.

    • Yes, this is important
    • No
  2. 2. Sometimes strips in kits can dry out and become brittle. I keep my shop at 50% RH humidity year round to assure that your order doesn't dry out. Also this is required to maintain tight tolerances and reproducable dimensioning. Is this necessary?

    • Yes, continue to do it
    • No, who cares!

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There may also be some affect from transport and packaging and then the storage conditions at the customers end?  Keeping the wood at a specific humidity and then sending it in  ordinary packaging, sometime for weeks of transport, and possibly to a place with a much greater (significant) difference in humidity and temperature may cause it 'shock' or change?  I admit that I have no idea of the dynamics of wood etc but this begs the question of whether treating it with kid gloves would be better or worse for the final product?  That is, if it has constantly been stored at a particular temp/humidity and it is then sent to a place where it may not be used for some time and where it might be stored in conditions that are much different (and may vary significantly) have some effect on the wood?


In my very limited knowledge I would have assumed that as long as it has been well seasoned and is now stable it should produce a good result?  If I then store it in different conditions to those in which it was milled (and previously stored) would that not influence its final dimensions?  As long as the quality of the wood (grain, figure etc) is good and it does not warp, twist etc I would be happy.





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