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Mayflower Model Shipways planking question

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I received my Mayflower kit yesterday from Model Expo.  I spent several hours reading the instructions and I have a question.  I paid particular attention to the first planking section since I would like to do a single planking below the wales and not paint.  I understand the purpose of the rabbet strip and I assumed there would be a keel strip added to create the rabbet.  But although there are references to glueing the garboard strake "to the keel", there is no mention of actually installing the keel.  There is a bow stem laser cut piece but it's unclear when that is to be installed also.  My guess is that I should just match up a wood strip to the bow stem piece and run it along the bottom for the keel.  Is this correct?


I hope I am adding this question to the correct forum,  if not please feel free to move it!


Thanks in advance for your suggestions!



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The rabbet strip is added to the false keel or profile former. The rabbet strip is one piece from the stem back the stern. The instructions tell you the size and how to place it. There is a separate strip that goes up the stern. See the photographs at the top of page 2.


The keel is added on page 15 before the second planking. See the section of text titled adding the keel stem and sternpost.



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Thanks, Russ


Yes, I read that section.  I assumed after reading it that the keel would be a 1/8 strip that would butt up against the bow stem piece at the other end.  What I am trying to understand is when to add this keel strip and bow stem since I am not going to do a second planking.  I would like to add them before the first planking so I can fit the planks just as they will look in the finished ship.  That's my plan anyway, we'll see how it goes!

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Russ is correct...you can add the keel and stem and even the stern post at any time.   One thing you must remember is that every guide or log is only representing the sequences used by that individual builder.   There are so many ways to plank the hull.  I single planked the prototype also.   I would say that if you had planned on double planking you should wait to add the keel.   Otherwise it would be too short...or not deep enough.   This is why I left it off  until after planking.  The rabbet is only used for the first layer.  A second layer would sit along side the keel and make it look to narrow.


So for you it wouldnt matter.


Here is a photo of my finished hull with just the bottom painted.  One layer only below the wales.





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Thanks so much!  Now I understand.   This Mayflower kit is just gorgeous.  The fact that you had such an important part to play in it's production was a huge factor in deciding to purchase.  By the way..the plans are excellent.  Thank you for putting standing and running rigging on sheets of their own.  Can't tell you how happy that made me!!!

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