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speed of serving and rope walks

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There are plenty of articles on rope serving machines and rope walks.

I will probably serve some ropes on my current model. Vanguard by Victory.

What speed  (RPM) should a motorised serving machine be.


What speeds do rope walks usually opperate at, I understand this can vary but a range would be useful.

For one model I fell a manual rope walk would be adequate.  Your thoughts.

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I would always install a speed-control. You may be working with different materials that require different operational parameters.


For a serving machine it is important that you can control comfortably thread while it is wound around the rope to be served. So, it should not be running too fast.


I also would install a foot-switch for the machines. This leaves your hands free for all the manipulations. While I generally prefer on-off foot-switches on my machines in order to allow me to pre-select speeds, in the case of the serving machine, a foot-operated speed-controller may be useful. It allows you to slow down or speed up (as on a sewing machine) as may be needed.

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