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HMS Jalouse


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Chatham by CC is a great start the price is right, the instructions are good and the mast and rigging for a first build is easy to understand  The forum here has fantastic help with planking for a beginner and any other help you might need 

I have built 3 of their kits now getting larger as I go. Wood is good and can be glued if broken CC sell great paint so a very pleasing first build can be displayed on your mantle piece with pride and that is very important on your first ship


Current Build

HM Granado CC

Past builds

 HMS Chatham CC, HM Convulsion CC,  Duke William German Kit, Fair American LSS, The Wright Flyer MS

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The Jalouse is a CC Kit designed around the same time as the Crusier/Snake, whilst the plans are very good the instruction booklet is not a patch on that of the Badger on of the latest kits. I have completed 3 of the CC kits now and the Snake was by far the hardest and most complex, I would be a little cautious in undertaking the Jalouse as a first kit - better to try one of the smaller kits and gain some experience in the techniques needed. The Jalouse makes a great model without doubt like all of the CC kits I am just passing on the expert knowledge I was given when I first started building timber models - after a long chat with a very knowledgeable gentleman at Westbourne Models over 5 years ago, well it worked for me.




Current build Trumpeter Arizona 1:200 with White Ensign PE and a Nautilus Wooden Deck.

Built Caldercraft Convulsion, HM Brig Badger and HMS Snake.

Awaiting - Zvelda HMS Dreadnought planning to get the Pontos Deck and PE Upgrades, Panart 1:23 Gun deck model and couple of the cannon kits Manatu - French siege mortar, and American coastal cannon.

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I recall starting a discussion on this particular kit way back on the old forum. To summarize what was discussed:


If you're going for total historical accuracy, you may need to do some bashing of the kit as the arrangement of the fittings is not that faithful to the original Admiralty Plans of the captured vessel. 


For builders not particular with the nitty-gritty historical details, this kit should be OK as a second or third build due to the average quality (and fairly sparse) instructions. While I have not built the kit itself, I would surmise that, like most CC kits, it has good to excellent quality plans, good to excellent quality photo-etch and metal parts, and average quality timber.


If this is your first build, and you prefer Caldercraft kits, I would recommend the more recent ones like the Badger, Pickle or, if you want a bit of challenge, the Granado. All these kits have excellent instructions and plans. Based on my experience building 3 (and wrecking 2) of their kits, their most common  downside is the average to poor quality timber, which may need replacement.

Best regards,


Currently Building:
HMS Pegasus (Victory Models)-Mothballed to give priority to Triton


HMS Triton (first attempt at scratchbuilding)



Past build:
HM Brig Badger (Caldercraft), HM Brig Cruizer, HM Schooner Ballahoo

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