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  1. No problem, Alan, I'm glad to be of help. Sorry for cramming 2 large pictures on your log, I'm still learning the present format of attaching files, and I can't seem to find an option of placing a small attachment icon that would only show the picture once you click it
  2. Hi Christian, Unfortunately, I only got the pictures from Chuck's post in the discussion below: The first contemporary model is of the frigate Winchelsea and I think the second one is Minerva. Perhaps Chuck has some other high resolution pictures of these, the low resolution pictures can be seen at the RMG website: http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/66277.html
  3. I can't speak for Lavery and Longridge since I have no copy of these two books. So instead, I just uploaded a sample of a 4- and 3 butt-shift system as well as a sample of hooked planks that I saved from one of the earlier threads in this forum. If I remember correctly, there was some spirited discussion in that thread as to whether planks are nibbed or hooked, but most contemporary models in the same period as Triton support the "hooked" planks as shown in my upload.
  4. Thanks Mike, You won't regret trying out CAD, you can produce more precise drawings from it plus you can draw fine details and have them laser cut thereby making your work easier Thanks Christian, If I could get my Triton to look half as beautiful as your Diana, I would be a very happy man
  5. You could also have a look at TFFM vol. 2 by David Antscherl. It contains some pretty detailed planking diagrams for the decks including the "hooked" planks as they go towards the bow and stern.
  6. Hi Russ, Just caught up with your latest build, beautiful and clean work as always. Your deck planking looks perfect
  7. Hi Christian I just finished reading through your log, you've done some beautiful modifications to your model, and she looks very impressive fully rigged and fitted out
  8. Hi Alan, I'm pleased to see another 1/64 scale Triton in POB, your hull is coming along very nicely.
  9. Hello Heinrich, I'm pleased to see another Triton log in 1/64 POB, enjoy your build. Regarding references, I would also suggest getting at least the volumes 1 and 2 of TFFM by David Antscherl. While it is focused on a slightly smaller ship, it contains a wealth of information as well as reference drawings that would come in handy once you build your hull and fit her out.
  10. Your prototype carriage looks great, Mark, I'm sure you'll pick up speed in no time at all once you start assembling the others. I bet you're thankful that you chose to build a frigate rather than a hundred-gun three-decker now that you're at this stage of the build
  11. Hi Mobbsie, Just caught up with your latest build, you're doing an excellent job as per your usual standard. I love the modifications you're doing to this beauty, keep them coming, my friend
  12. Hi Denis, Just finished reading through your log, excellent and quick work as always. You will always remain as the world record holder for the being the fastest ship builder
  13. Yup, I'll be using some thinner planks to avoid making her look fat We're quite lucky to be far from the disaster area, thanks for the concern my friend.
  14. Hi Mark, Thanks for advice regarding the plans, I can still access the MSW plans, I'll print them out and check if my modified hull still matches their measurements Thanks for the good word on the planking my friend, I used only scrap planks here so I will cover it up, I plan to use better wood for the second layer
  15. Hi Juergen, Just catching up, beautiful job as always, nice and clean work on the ribbands as well as planking
  16. Hi Nils, Just catching up, you've done a beautiful job on your ship, and that figure really brings it to life, excellent work
  17. Hi Sjors, Just catching up, wow you're really building a fleet of ships of the line my friend, and the speed of your build is amazing! Beautiful and clean build Sir, she has some lovely lines
  18. Hi Daniel, Just catching up with your build, wow, it's nice to see the all the frames in place, she has some lovely lines
  19. Hello Guy, Just catching up, nice to see you've completed framing the hull, she's shaping up nicely, Sir, I'm looking forward to your resumption of your build.
  20. Hi Grant, Thanks for dropping by as well as the good words and advice, so far I have yet to see a print shop here with a big enough scanner for a large NMM plan, but I'll keep looking I see that you're also busy with other projects like me, don't leave the shipyard too long, my friend
  21. Hi Grant, Just catching up, now this is a unique and interesting project that you've tackled my friend, I will be following along the wings of your flying machine
  22. Hi Mike, It's nice to see you building this beautiful frigate, I too love the lines of this particular model, you're off to a good start my friend, she's shaping up nicely I really enjoyed reading your discussion on establishing the identity of this ship, excellent research work
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