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Virginia 1819 by Zach - Artesania Latina - First Build!

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So, here we go.


First kit, first build post.


My kit arrived in the mail from hobbylinc.com. I haven't seen that website mentioned on here before. The shipping was prompt and the price was good. The kit ran me around $90 which included shipping to Alaska. It's rare for me to find a website that will ship to Alaska, let alone one that charges me a fair price for the shipping. Thumbs up to hobbylinc.com for that one. I haven't had the need to contact their customer service for any reason, so I can't comment on that. It is an American company, based out of Georgia. My only real complaint about the order was the packaging job. The box the kit was shipped in was just slightly too wide, and the single piece of shipping paper inside meant the kit was able to slide around quite a bit during shipping. The kit didn't show any signs of damage so it's a moot point.


After opening the kit, I went through and inventoried all the parts to the best of my ability. I also poured through the instructions, 1:1 pictures, and the photo instructions. As has been stated before on this forum, the instructions from AL are a little confusing to read due to the translation.


I went through and dry fit all the bulkheads and the 2 mast supports. And that's about as far as I got so far. No pictures yet, because there just isn't too much to see yet.


I expect this build will take a while, and that suits me just fine.


Until next time.

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 That's a good kit, Zach. it's forgiving and wide opened for artistic license. Don't be afraid to replace some of that plywood or the cast parts. There are some very nice ones here, on the site. Feel free to ask if you have questions.

 Take your time, think ahead, and have fun.



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Hi Tom, Steve and John!


Thanks for reading!


John - I wouldnt worry about me slowing down. In fact, I imagine before to long I'll be asking you to slow down! But I agree, it will be very fun to swap notes and troubleshoot. Will this be your first build as well?

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