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My work is in software development. You could say that all of the references I can use are available as modern media (e-book/pdf/etc). Actually they are. However, I HATE TO READ A LOT FROM SCREEN. I'm plain and simple a paper person. Screen format is wrong, layout is wrong, colour is wrong, font is wrong (anything else I can think of ... no not just jet). Most modelers are not youngsters whom grew up with the new media. We are used to books. Besides: I love the feeling of a book in my hands. I love the feeling of turning a page. I love it becoming mine whilst reading it (the latter you will never feel with the modern media ...)

Of course you are right, Carl. There will be a market for printed books for a long time. I myself like reading from a printed page last thing at night in bed.


However I am trying to make the case that the market for ship modelling books also needs to include the need for stuff that can be seen on screen and only the relevant pages printed if needed. Part of that is the need for lower cost material, but to my mind there are also other factors.


You correctly point to the fact that it is something habitual to read a book. However people are now coming into ship modelling whose main experience has been use of computers, video games and screen-base phones. A very interesting example of this is the complete build of the Cutter Alert only with SketchUp (a CAD-type programme). If you go to the CAD forum you'll see the skills of 'SketchUpModeller' whose only build is in SketchUp.


WIth this new, exciting and highly skilled generation (and SketchUpModeller has expressed an interest at some time in the future in wooden modelling) it surely would make sense to have low cost screen-based materials to use.


Apart from that, I am very happy to read material onscreen even if only for short periods. As I said, I can then print off what I need for constant reference.


I certainly wouldn't take away from the sheer pleasure of a beautifully printed book. The question is how much that is of generational and cultural conditioning? I don't know the answer to that.



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Is Amazon.com available in Europe ? Just a guess. Perhaps, this book can be purchased through them.


Montani semper liberi. Happy modeling to all and every one of you.


Crackers  :dancetl6: :piratebo5:


Of course Amazon.com is available in Europe and they offer some (but not all) Seawatch books.

I just made a test and put some books into my cart (without finally placing the order) with following results:


Swan class volume III

price Seawatch: $ 65.--  plus $ 18.-- for shipping

Amazon price:   $ 126,22 plus $ 23.95 for shipping and handling



Building a Navby Board Model of HMS Sussex

price Seawatch: $ 75.-- plus $ 18.-- for shipping

Amazon price: $ 340,41 plus $ 16.95 for shipping and handling


and in both cases after the end price there is a note saying:

"please note that your country may charge import duries and taces and fees that may you may have to pay ahead of delivery"


There were also 2 offers for volume III of the Swan class books for "only" $ 78,90 (excluding shipping) but these sellers don't ship to Austria.


So much about the Amazon option :(



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