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  1. Hi.

    Have been looking for plans for the Mayflower.

    I am interested in a cross section of the middle mast area.

    Would you be willing to share your work / resurch ?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Regards Antony.

  2. Congratultions for finishing this stunning model, what you have achieved is more than amazing! Klaus
  3. If there were not fingertips in one of the pictures I would have asked where you have got the hugecent coin from! Very nice work as always. Klaus
  4. Which compliment could I add here which has not already be payed several times? Whatever, even if it is for the umpteenth time: brilliant workmanship, a great build an a great log! Always looking forward for the continuation Klaus
  5. Right Jan, it should read 645mm, thanks for the note. I have corrected the typo in the previous post Klaus
  6. Hi Charlie lenght of the hull (including beakhead) is 544 mm / 21 3/8" lenght including bowsprit is 645 mm / 25" height (not considering an eventual flagstaff) is 504 mm / 19 7/8" Klaus
  7. Thanks for the comments and likes folks I have glued in the kevels for the sheets of the main course and have installed some sheave blocks for the sheets fo the courses and the spritsail as well as for the tack of the main course. Having done that I intended as next step to build in the half deck but then I decided to treenail also the deck planks, so there's another 750 plus treenails to put in. For these I drilled holes 0.6 mm diameter and glued in the tips of toothpicks: Before closing the half deck I intend to belay the sheet of the main course on the respective
  8. Beautiful model, very nice work! In case you have not noticed: a lot of photos on pages 5 and 6 are not visible. It would be nice if you could re-post them. Klaus
  9. Current status of my model: The lower masts are just put in temporarily, their angles are not yet correct Klaus
  10. A lot of small stuff is required now, eye bolts, kevels, a capstan etc. and I have started to produce these. Eyebolts: I made eyebolts by twisting brass wire (0.4 mm dia) around a 0.5 mm steel bolt. The twisted part is approx. 0.6 mm thick: I was not really succesful when I tried to make smaller eyebolts but I think for the scale 1:64 I can live with this size, this is what one of these eyebolt look like when set into an 0,6 mm hole: I made 75 eyebolts to start with these are the same ones after putting them for approx. 5 seconds into a metal finsiher (Brass Bl
  11. Congratulations for finishing this beautiful model, Ilhan! I hope you have already plans for the next project and I'm looking forward to a respective build log! Klaus
  12. Thanks for the nice comments and the likes I'd like to go back once more to this picture which I have shown already in my last post, which shows a piece of threaded rod set into the hull at the position of the bowsprit: The reason for this threaded rod is that I failed to make a decent funnel (I hope this is the correct English term for it) to insert the bowsprit as I did for the masts. I had provided a hole but it was too small and at this stage I found that it was more than difficult to enlarge it to the correct diameter exactly at the required angle. So I had to think a litt
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