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latino nail nailer

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I'm starting my first wood model the OCCRE Palamos and I'm setting some of the tools I need, one that was suggested was the latino nail nailer which I ordered. What I'm not sure of is what nails are used with this tool (size etc.) for planking the hull to hold the planks in place while gluing. I am a beginner and new to the forum and also would like to say Hello to everyone

any information would be appreciated.


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Hello. If it's like the one I'm using, it accepts a wide variety of nails. The inner rod, the part that pushes the nail is magnetic, so that you can insert a nail and drive it vertically without it falling out of the tool. Obviously, nails made of non ferrous materials will not be attracted to the magnet.

Hope this helps

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So no nails included in the kit? I have used railway tacks. (the little nails that hold the track down) they do work nicely. I think finishing nails would be too big. My best bet would be to order some from your hobby dealer. You can't go wrong then.

Regards, Scott


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Hi Dennis--  I've had two different nail nailers.  One with an orange wooden handle was excellent and accepted the largest nail I would ever want to use on a ship model and was magnetic.  The mechanism packed up and I bought a new one, this one with a black plastic handle.  I don't use it because the aperture is too small for all but the smallest of nails (i.e., with virtually no head) plus the magnet isn't very strong. 


What I do instead is use a push pin to make a pilot hole and then press in the nail with long nosed pliers and give it a tap with a hammer. Most of the nailing I do on a model is to temporarily hold the first layer of planking in place till the glue dries so most of the time I don't even pound in the nail all the way but pull it out to reuse after the glue dries.  I also use nails in various places to secure things and even to simulate door handles.  If you are using the nailer on a surface that will be visible on your ship (e.g., not the first layer of planking) be careful because, especially with the newer one I have, the opening for the nail is a sharp tube and if you press too hard you can mark the finish of the wood.


Good luck and welcome!






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