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Benjamin Latham Stern Problems

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Has anyone here done a building log or at least completed the Model Shipways  "Benjamin Latham'?  I can't figure out how the main rail goes around the stern. There is also a lot of other things going on there that are not clear on the plans.

Any help from a previous builder would be greatly appreciated.



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Fred I did not build the BL but my scratch built LGH is very similar.  At the stern the transom comes up to the top of the bulwarks the rail mounts on the transom.  Here’s the entry that shows what I did.




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My Arethusa schooner was built using the Ben Latham build instructions to guide my design.  Although there are differences in the shapes of the hulls/transoms/counters, the approach is quite similar.  Most of the applicable photos are (I think) on page one of my build log.  Feel free to ask questions of whatever I did.





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