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I don't know where else this should go but this seems to be the closest. I'm sure it will get moved if another forum is more appropriate.


I mostly build small scale and miniature ship models at sea in bottles. They seemed naked without sailors at work on deck and aloft. So I set out to find an easy way to make them until I came across Lloyd McCaffery's technique in his book "Ships in Miniature". I used his materials and technique to make these five figures at 1/96 scale.




They attracted some interest so I'm posting the information for others to use. Here's an article I put together from my build log for submission to the Database here and at ship bottling sites.


Modeling Scale Figures for Ships in Bottles.pdf


A little more information on the figures can be found in my Ogallala build log.

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Thats amazing, those are much better then tho ones which can be bought from modell manufacturers, they are even smaller 0.o

i wish I had the skills to do that


They were my first attempts and were fairly easy, see the pdf.

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Yes I looked at the Pdf, its a very interesting method, seems to work wonderfully to, but I would never be able to work so small, how big are the figures? 20mm?


They average (not counting the legless Indian) about 16 mm (5/8 inch).

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