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Ship kit from Russia


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Through the former forum I came upon a fairly unknown Russian brand of ship model kits.  The name was something liike Cascabel?  They didn't have many kits, but one of them was a one-masted little merchantman, round bellied, and the fittings looked amazingly good. I was stupid enough not to put the site among my favorites, so is there anyone who can help me find this?  Thanks.

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I din't read Russian, but this a close match of the kit you were looking at.  The model is of a Dutch Botter, they were built the early1900's.  The Dutch used botters, flat bottomed sail boats, as barges in the canals and the North Sea. They mostly fishing boat however they also carried cargo. The cargo they carried acted as the ballast. Running aground or having the tide go out was not an issue with the flat bottom. These boats have round, daggerboards mounted to each side of the boat. For their day they pointed well and could out sail the galleons of the era.  Hope this gives you some background.  They are neet little sailing craft!


Artesania Latina has a 1/35th kit.







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