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How not to kink planks, A simple trick

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Ahoy Mates :D


I would like to share with you a trick I have recently found. I take no credit for the discovery of this method but am only posting it as i have found it to be very useful 


Bending planks around the stern or bow of a ship can be difficult and after kinking many planks I have found that if you "work" the plank first you will be less likely to put a kink in it on your hull 


All I do is soak the plank in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes. Then I bend it around a 2" PVC connector. Slowly at first and once I get it to bend around this 2.5" circle; I flip the wood and bend it the opposite way. I repeat this, flipping the plank each time until it becomes soft and forms easily around this size circle. It will get more and more pliable with each pass. Then I switch to a large prescription bottle (smaller diameter circle) and repeat the bending process flipping the plank and bending it both ways. Again slowly at first. You will find that after working the plank in this way it will bend much easier on your ship and make the turns needed in the bow or stern without kinking. 


If I am not mistaken, as I am no expert in this field; all your are doing is softening up the lignin bonds in the wood. For harder or thicker wood; I will sometimes repeat the entire process, I have soaked wood up to three times, working it around my jigs each time and then bending it easily and successfully on my ship where as before it would have kinked.

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