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Charles W. Morgan kit/plans


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Just thought I'd post this to get some feedback from any of the CWM modelers that may have experience with this. While beginning the construction of the model I decided to order the set of plans from the Dartmouth Historical Society. I had seen through the New Bedford Whaling Museum site that the plans included a complete set of lines that the MSW plans don't include. I was debating adding extra bulkheads to the build and wanted the lines to loft from. I was pleased to find the plans were the same scale as the MSW plans, but as I examined them I found the hull on the DHS plans to be 1 1/16" longer along the keel than the MSW plan. The MSW booklet describes the ship as 106 ft. 6in. and the DHS plans indicate a length of 105 ft. 7 in. The latter were drawn in 1977 while the MSW plans were 1997. I realize the measurments may vary as to what parameters were used, but at the same scale I would not expect to find an almost 6 ft. length difference. I have seen some very impressive builds of this kit here, so I'm sure it's not an issue if the kit plans are followed, but was puzzled all the same. By the way, the plans from the DHS include an extremely detailed set of drawings of the mast and yard fittings.



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I can't help you with your question Dave, but was curious about the plans since she's likely next on my to-build list.


How many sheets do they include?


How much did they charge for the plans, and do you have a link for them?



Joe Volz



Current build:

Model Shipways "Benjamin W. Latham"



Completed  builds on MSW:

Caldercraft HMS "Cruizer   Caldercraft HMBV "Granado"   Model Shipways "Prince De Neufchatel"





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Jo V.

There are 3 sheets, 1 sheet with lines, sheer, deck, 1 sheet of complete sail plan, and 1 sheet with large scale mast and yard drawings. All for $10 plus shipping. Just go on the New Bedford Whaling Museum web site. Go to the online store. They ship very quickly.



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I have this exact ship model built up.  I also, for my enjoyment, purchased the Model Expo plans of the ship model also.  Just fun to look at the model expo plans. My deceased father-in-law spent his retirement building ships also.  My model has all the correct lines in place.  I took a detailed video of where all the lines connect in case something falls on the model or one of the lines breaks.  I can share that with you if you are still in the process of building yours.  I'd like the Artesania Latina kit plans if you were able to find those...

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