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Cutty Sark by achuck49 - Scientific - No Scale

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I am still placing 'stuff' on the hull of the Santa Maria, however, when I have the granddaughter over I will not use glues and other sharp objects around her.  So I decided to also start a solid hull version of the Cutty Sark by Scientific.  I started one other model from this company a few months ago, but sat on a box of parts and sort of brought that project to an end.


This is an old model, and that means no laser cut parts or other nice to have helps.


I will do my best to make this a very detailed account of how grandfathers used to assemble their museum masterpieces.





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Hello, Achuck!


If you measure your hull from tip to tip, and the distances between your fore to main, and main to mizzen mast centerlines, I'll tell you your scale.


Nice to see another Cutty build;  I'm looking forward to your progress!



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