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  1. Hello friends!!! The hobby car is 99.9% complete most days so I decided the ship has been patient long enough and I need to get back to work. The first task was to figure out where I was and then to decide on the next task. I decided to work on the bow area. I have been browsing my store of reference material and the internet. I think I am safe to start on bowsprit and gammoning. When finished they won't be in the way of subsequent work. After this work my intention is to place eye bolts on bow. I finished, I hope, the dauphin striker. The kit version was n
  2. How time flies. Over 2 years. I did not realize it had been so long. I added a few items to the ship this week: 1. freeing ports made from card stock. I was going to use very thin balsa until I realized how out of scale they would be. 2.The grates at the helmsman station. I had saved some copper screen from who knows what that gave me a reasonable grate at my scale. a 10mm X 10 mm is too small for me to make out of wood. Obviously I did not perish at sea. The ship sits on my work table along with an alien space ship still under construction, but I have been pu
  3. I am restoring a 1967 Plymouth Barracuda and it has taken me over 5 years with easy access to parts. What you are doing is AMAZING!!!!
  4. this is a beautiful ship. Congratulations
  5. as usual, I see your work and must make changes to mine Cutty. I have my boats made but I think your clinker method will greatly enhance them. Instead of working on Cutty, I continue to work on my 1967 one owner car. 5 years and very close to completion. 50 years and 200,000 miles (321,868 kilometer) took their toll.
  6. as some one else said: Boeier, because it is so unusual Or I would pick the cross section - only chance to get at least a piece of such a ship, because due to the enormous size
  7. I love the HUGE fins on these Cadillacs. What a challenge, it is a huge car
  8. You have an excellent model. You definitely created a "wooden" ship.
  9. your work is always worth waiting for. and now to go back to my little boats and add more detail. Omar
  10. once again you raise the bar. It is a very satisfying to work smaller and smaller getting finer detail. Welcome back Omar
  11. Hello!! The ship is on my work table and I have been working on other project instead of her. My energy primarily goes to my 1967 Barracuda. It has been a long restoration and I want to start her up this spring. I bought her new and she has over 200,000 miles and had a lot of things to do to get her up and running So I have satisfied the ship itch by watching the work of others Omar
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