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Lavery's The Ship of the Line: A History in Ship Models

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I had put in an advance order on Amazon for this book advertised to come out this October. I just received notice from Amazon that it is no longer available, and they cancelled my order.


Does anyone know what happened to this book, and is it available anywhere?



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Mark , Pen and Sword books still have it up on their website for pre-order . From what i just read , it's not being published until December 30th. Pen and Sword might be slow it taking it down , I don't know . But i haven't read anywhere of it not being published.



Cheers David

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I checked Amazon.ca and for whatever reason the earlier pre-order release is no longer available and they re-issued another pre-release so what I would recommend is order it again making sure its for the December release.


My order is still valid but its for the December release


Mike Draper

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