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  1. Hey Gary: Good to hear from you. Still plugging away on the Agamemnon. Finishing up the shrouds right now. slow progress but getting closer to completion. I will definitely look for ya if I have any questions I think you could answer.. keep the pics coming of your Alfred!
  2. Gary: Good to see you back at it.. I have been working on my agamemnon on again... off again as well. life sometimes seems to get in the way.. Will be keeping a eye out on your progress lad.. Good to see you out there again Mike Draper
  3. Everyone: I was lucky enough to get down to San Diego and enjoy the Star of India Birthday sail that the Maritime museum of San Diego organized. Sailed on the Californian on the Saturday and the San Salvador on Sunday and got to see the museum fleet under full sail. I have attached a few pictures from the sail. It was a amazing 2 days and it was great to see the Star of India finally under full sail after a break of 5 years.. What more can be said.. the pictures speak for themselves! Mike Draper
  4. Hey Chuck: I really wanted to go to Vegas but my son is competing full time in Biathlon and needed to get some $$ his direction... I heard a good time was had by all
  5. Mort: Many thanks for the kind words.. Me getting back to shipmodelling has been long overdue
  6. Mtaylor.. thanks! It was a struggle to get back into it... but now that Im working on her Im look forward every chance I get.. its amazing how life sometimes gets in the way MIKE
  7. Everyone: Its been a long time since I posted any progress.. in fact a VERY long time.. Got distracted with life and work but thanks to some fellow ship modelers and friends and family, I have got back into working on my Caldercraft Agamemnon. In the last few weeks, I have managed to get the masts built and started on the standing rigging. Its been really great for me to get back into it.. in fact the first few nights working on her I spent looking for parts and pieces that were sitting on the desk collecting dust! Im on a roll now and hope to get her done in the next year... Its been great checking out the other new Agamemnon's out there that are now located on the Forum. With winter now settled in the Yukon (-21c tonite) I will have more time on my hands to tackle the Aggy. Hope you enjoy the pics Mike Draper Whitehorse, Yukon Canada
  8. Bill: What a different the 2 bulkheads make.... wow. I can also appreciate the work that goes into those 2 pieces.. Congrats on the progress! Mike Draper
  9. I had researched that you have the hardware in place (eyebolts) but you don't need to have the rigging in place as they often didn't add the rigging until they needed the guns for battle. I personally don't put the rigging in place as I would agree with Aggy, it can make the deck a bit cluttered. I have attached a pic of Agamemnon as a example for you. Mike Draper
  10. Hey Everyone: Just a quick update.. working on getting the masts installed. Don't remember this being as much work as it has been. Managed to get the lower foremast completed and now working on the lower main mast. It will be good to get these done as Im keen on getting started on the shrouds and ratlines (I know I will regret that statement but Im keen to start rigging). Anyhow, enjoy the quick pic Mike Draper
  11. Sjors: I understand your approach and I will definitely will be interested in how it turns out. I would recommend you pre measure and dry fit the railing beforehand as I remember I had to adjust my railing in order to give it a good fit. Keep us posted! Mike Draper
  12. Sjors: Great pics showing the overall look.. I was wondering how your Agamemnon was looking as well as making me realize how big this model will be when completed :-). Those pics will come in good use to compare the overall look as I have been having some problems getting the masts inserted into the deck as the holes in the deck were not lining up and the mast (for a while before I realized my mistake) was sitting higher than what it should be... One question I do have... you haven't put on your hammock frames that run along the railing of the hull. While I understand that those things get bumped by your hands during the rigging process you may want to put them on sooner than later as I found the measuring and getting them installed required a bit of unfettered access to the railings.. Just a thought...
  13. Sjors: I will most certainly take you up on your offer if the need arises.. so far so good with the books in my library and the great pics and posts on these forum.. and you make sure you keep up the great work at your end. Mike Draper

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