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  1. Jack: I assume when you are ready to receive payment you will provide us the details on who and where we provide payment. Looking forward to seeing the final product! Mike Draper
  2. Chuck: Thanks for the quick response! I think I will stay with the boxwood. I will wait for Jack to send out a post on when we can order a set. MIKE
  3. Chuck: I hate to be a pain but I just read your post on the price for the resin casts and you are right.. the reproduction is amazing. Im also really impressed on what Im seeing with the jujube carvings as well. While I had pre-ordered the boxwood, the quality of the resin and jujube is great so Im just debating on whether the boxwood is the way to go. Do you have a finalized price (or even a ballpark) on the jujube and boxwood. Im still leaning toward boxwood but Im just curious on the price difference.. Sorry ahead of time for crawling out of the weeds with this question.. BTW still plowing away on my Agamemnon -making some good progress in getting this project out of the way 🙂 MIKE
  4. Jack: Any timeline for when the boxwood carvings will be available. No rush on my part, just curious on when you figure they will available for purchase. The jujube look great! Thanks again Mike Draper
  5. Gerard: Its great to see information on this ship released as a monograph. Congratulations. I do have one question. Is this monograph a limited release or are you planning to have it available for purchase long term? Any information would be great. Mike Draper
  6. Chuck: Thanks.. I was figuring that but I was wondering if I was missing something. Appreciate the quick response Mike Draper
  7. Chuck: Thanks... I did notice you had the tick strips in the download section for chapter 2. Saw your videos on tapering the planks on the bow.. You made a onerous process for me a lot easier.. thanks... I did a less streamlined version of what you did (I soaked the wood) but I did have lots of problems in wood shrinkage and the wood getting "furry". I do have one question for you as well as the group build members and I apologize ahead of time if I missed something. I notice the plans for the project are at 1/4 scale and the wood products are at 1/4 scale but I notice a lot of the build logs are at 1/48 scale. I do admit I haven't read every group members log, I am curious in the interest at 1/48 vs 1/4 scale (either than the sheer size of the model?) Any information would be great. Thanks again Chuck for this project. Its got me keen on starting something different and new as well as me renewed impetus to get my present Agamemnon project completed. Mike Draper
  8. Chuck: Thanks for taking the time to putting together the videos.. I have to admit I had a "ah ha" moment on getting those planks to fit flush and snug on the bow. Thanks again! Mike Draper
  9. Chuck: Have you downloaded a print version yet of chapter 2? I have checked out the build links on this forum and I can find chapter 1 but not chapter 2.... just want to keep up to speed on everything. Mike Draper
  10. Chuck: Thanks.. I suspected that would be the answer on the Build log.. I also found the materials list as well which I will definitely use.. and yes.. I am now making a big push to finish the Agamemnon. Im way overdue in getting that finished... MIKE
  11. Chuck: I am planning the Winschelsea as my next project. I do want to finish my Agamemnon which Im busy rigging ratlines right now. Getting to work on the Winschelsea kit has given me impetus to make that final push and finish the Agamemnon. Its been 5 years so far mixed with job and life... I have downloaded the plans and ordered the bulkhead set and the wood for part one and two as well as have my pre order for the boxwood ornamentation. Im hoping to get to the Winschelsea in the next 6 months but my question is it in my interest in setting up my build log now or wait until Im in a position to actually make sawdust? Also, I am interested in using Alaskan cedar for the planks.. which boards that you sell would you recommend for milling (keep in mind Im using your bulkhead set?) MIKE
  12. Chuck: Thanks.. Sounds like a plan.. I assume there will be announcement on this newsgroup on when the sets will be ready and how to order from Jack. Mike Draper
  13. Chuck: Just curious.. when will these ornamentation and figurehead sets be available for purchase? Thanks Mike Draper

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