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  1. Clare: One thing for sure that will be a insane kit. do you have any info on length and height? MIKE
  2. I found these Woody Joe kits are like potato chips.. once you try one you cant stop.. Thanks for the info on the stones that are part of the castle base.. i was wondering how they done with the kit.. and so far I have been spared that tedium... I have done enough ratlines on ships to know what can do to your brain.. But I do have to admit getting a kit of the castle I visited in Hiroshima is tempting... Mike Draper
  3. there is the money issue and having a place to store it. That kit is nearly a metre long. I have one of the temples located at the Horyu Ji that is waiting to be built and its going to be a bugger to display as its big as well.. But I have to admit that is a impressive kit.. i would pull the trigger on purchasing if I was you! 🙂 MIKE
  4. Clare: I used puritan pine for the raw wood and a water soluble pigment paint for the grey and white. I cant remember the paint but I think any good quality paint will do.. just mixed it in a baby food jar to the consistency of skim milk and applied several coats until I got the colour I wanted. I think I spent about 50 hours on the Temple.. the hardest parts was to make sure you had the tiled roofs all lined up ok. Again.. I found the pieces so accurately laser cut it was hard to screw it up! I havent done the castles.. I think that is a more ambitious project! Mike Draper
  5. Puritan Pine was the Minwax stain.. you dont want to go any darker as I think it would make the temple too dark and then you lose the detail... Mike Draper Whitehorse, Yukon
  6. Hey Clare: Good to see your Horyu-ji temple. I noticed that Woody Joe was selling a different scale kit of that temple.. I have the more expensive kit and its a great build. Here is the pic of the model in mid progress and the final product. I will probably tackle another one that I have the Horyu Ji temple "kondo" and the Yakushi-ji temple "toto" as well as the Yamato battleship which is another beast of a project. Im still surprised that these kits havent broken more in north america as they are really fun to build and you get a great model for display! Mike Draper
  7. Keep the pics coming as you receive the installments.. its also a project on my radar as well. Thanks for the posting! Mike Draper
  8. Clare: Sounds like a plan! see ya in shore leave.. Mike Draper
  9. Clare: One piece of advice.. if you are going to use paint to colour the wood on your woody joe kit (the japanese cedar is very bleached in its colour), I would recommend puritan pine Minwax stain for the natural wood colour and Vallejo or other pigment paints for the grey roof and white paneling. I think any acrylic or enamel paint would be too thick for the cedar wood that is provided. I also have 2 Woody Joe kits waiting to be built. 🙂 They are a nice break from rigging and they are a real topic of conversation when on display. I also found them a great souvenir if you have had a chance to visit Japan. Mike Draper Whitehorse, Yukon
  10. For anyone who is interested in getting a woody Joe kit, this is the website that I ordered through.. I had no problems ordering and they were willing to answer any questions you may have. Wooden Scale Model Kits / Woody JOE (zootoyz.jp) hope that helps Mike Draper Whitehorse, Yukon
  11. I have bought several of there temple kits and the kit of the Yamato and there work is amazing. The wood is well cut and the instructions are pretty intuitive even though they are in japanese. I dont know about there ship kits but if the temple kits are any indication I would recommend them very highly. Here is a pic of the Joruji Temple model I built a few years ago.
  12. Toni: Thanks for holding the workshop! Good attendance and a lot of helpful information. Appreciate you taking the time in putting it together... Conducting a ZOOM presentation is not the most fun experience but you certainly made it look easy! 🙂 Thanks again Mike Draper
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