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  1. Chuck: I have looked under each of the subject headings in that section and still cant find the freizes.. do you which know which heading? I did find them under this subject heading but I dont think they are scaled for the Winnie.. unless ya download the JPEG and then play with them until they fit.. Sorry for being a pain.. just want to make sure I get the right image. Mike Draper
  2. Everyone: Quick question.. I have already hardcopied the friezes for the stern gallery and along the hull but I want to redo them on better quality paper. But for the life of me I cant find the images that I need to download and print. Does anyone have a quick link I can use? Im getting ready to start the Winnie as I am now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on my Agamemnon. 🙂 Mike Draper
  3. And another plank on bulkhead or plank on frame? (I do apologize for all of the questions but its a interesting project!) Mike Draper
  4. Chris: Great choice. I agree on your strategy of bringing new classes of ships into the kit development fold. She has beautiful lines. I assume she will be fully rigged? Mike Draper
  5. Congrats Chris on the new pre-release! I know there has been a lot of interest in this kit.. I noticed you mentioned you are working on the Sphinx. Is there any pics or drawings of her lines? Google searches have me all over the map on which ship you are looking to develop. Again.. congrats on the new release Mike Draper
  6. There phone number is 514-973-7741 or email at rick@shousha-inc.com. a friend of mine bought his Caldercraft Agamemnon kit from him.. the nice thing is that he is located in Canada so no customs headaches. Mike Draper
  7. Kevin: thanks. its the best way to contact them through their website email? or are they a member of MSW? Mike
  8. Kevin: That is something I may want to consider. Good to know I have options. Was there any problems in shipping or did you get everything in a reasonable time frame? Mike Draper
  9. Chris: Thanks! the website for CAF isnt a big help in a description but I had a sneaking suspicion it was different types of wood that determined the 2 different packages. Im just window shopping at this point. Still have to finish the Agamemnon and also have the Winchelsea in the hopper as well. MIKE
  10. Good day; I was checking out the enterprise on the CAF website and they have list "specifications A" and "specifications B" for prices on the Enterprise. Could someone tell me what is the difference? Are then installments of the kit or different wood that is being used? Just curious on what is the cost and what it involves. Thanks ahead for any information, Mike Draper
  11. Owen: there is a private message feature on the top right of the forum page.. it looks like a caption balloon like you see in comic books. Just click on it and we can message off list. I can give you a list of the modifications I did. Thanks for the thumbs up on my Aggy.. its been a long haul. Getting the to the final stretch now. Just getting to put sails on her and get the final touches. You will definitely enjoy the rest of the build. You are now getting into the fun stuff judging from your pics Mike Draper
  12. Chuck: Great news! Im hoping to get at that project soon. Just getting to rig sails on the Agamemnon so the completion of my existing project is in sight.. Cant wait.. 🙂
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