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Help with turbocad deluxe 18

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Once your plan has been photographed and saved to your computer, use Insert>Picture>From File and select the photo for insertion.  Then click on the workspace to define where you want the first corner of the plan, then click on the position for the opposite corner.  Also, remember to consult the Help feature.  There is a lot of good information there.



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Turbocad Deluxe for the Mac might be a little different, but I have learned the following about importing JPEGs:


To scale it, you need to determine a length on the JPEG that you know, like a set distance between a number of frames.


Draw a line to that size in Turbocad.


Place one end of the line at one end of the distance you know (like the left end of the set of frames you have measured), over the JPEG. You will have to select your new line and bring it to the front (Edit, Arrange, Bring Forward), or it will be covered up by the JPEG. This caused me a great deal of frustration until I finally figured this out.


Choose Modify, Transform, Scale from the top menu. You then choose a point on the JPEG that will not move (like the left end of the set of frames), then you choose the right end of the set of frames, and then you choose the right end of the line you drew. Turbocad will shrink the JPEG so the right end point on the JPEG matches the right end of the line you drew, and the left ends stay constant to each other.


You can do this several times if things don't quite line up at first.



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