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  1. Chris, at least with a broken leg, you can get a head start on escaping your wife!
  2. You can sand the back of the paper, to make it thinner. Model Railroaders do it all the time, to create posters and signs on the side of buildings.
  3. 1What do you call a UPS truck, that's been in an accident? An Opps Truck! Now running and looking for cover.😀
  4. Actually, the Star Trek technobabble, made much more sense!
  5. Completed another ~8 feet shelf/layout leg section. This will be the last of the shelf containing leg sections. The remaining sections will have larger things stored under them (my ride behind gas loco, metal cutting band saw, and a 6 foot counter type glass display case). This last section is for my plastic model kits, some of the HO stuff. Yes, I am a kit hoarder! I’ll never be able to build them all, but it gives me a nice selection, of which one to start next. Yes, I also need to make a dump run.
  6. Well, this is the "Suddenly we are older" thread!😀
  7. Apparently, the road is extra curvy ahead!
  8. I tried to use sharpies to darken the edge of the planks for my canon diorama, wrong! The day after I glued the planks down with Elmers, the sharpie ink had run all over the place! I guess long term exposure to water made the ink, not so permanent.
  9. The second kit I got was Model Expo’s Taurus Steam Tug kit. This brings up one of my peeves with Model Expo’s otherwise great line of kits, their listing of the scale of the kit! They have at least three kits where the published scale is wrong, and I now have all of them. The Taurus is listed as 1/8” = 1 foot, 1/64th scale! Well 1/8=12” is 1/96th scale! The model is in fact 1/96th, which I knew, when I ordered it for my HO layout (1/87.1 scale). 1/96th, looks close enough to HO to still look “right”. In fact their old catalogs had the scale correct. I recently bought their 1/64th
  10. I also received two ship kits in the mail, over the weekend. The first is Model Expo’s new USS Constitution Cross Section. For years I wanted a kit for her cross section. When it went on sale a month or so back, I jumped on it. One thing to note is that Mamoli's kit, has the wrong number of decks, so I'm glad I never bought one. Here are some pictures of the contents. Note: The instruction book is actually two books!
  11. Check out this guy's site. He models cars and Gundums, and has videos on all types of modeling paint reviews. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_66OBQNO8jXkHjlxnnxT-A
  12. The last couple of days I got several goodies. I’m going to show the two ship kits in the next post: The first is a HO scale resin kit for a 1948 Ford Woody Wagon. This has significance to me, as it is the car my parents had when they were first married. When I came along in 55, it was falling apart from both Southern Termites (my father was stationed in GA, when they got married), and Northeast rust ( from when they moved back to NY, after he got out), so they sold it and bought a 55 Chevy. It will have a place front and center on my layout. I also
  13. The glass sheet I originally had the drawing taped to is a thick (~10"X 3 foot) plate glass shelf, I found at a thrift store. I wish I'd had the money to buy the other ten or so they had!
  14. Part 004 Got a little accomplished today. I took the weights off the frame sheet, and the shims had glued down nicely. To prevent the frame pieces from sticking to the shims and frame sheet, I was going to used wax paper, but decided that it was both too thick, and opaque, for the job. Instead I used Scotch tape. First I put a long piece the length of each shim, then cut carefully around the bottom of the shims, pushing the tape end down onto the paper, covering the area that the chucks will sit down o
  15. How did you blend the brick at the inside corner, by the back door? Did you cut the plaster walls at 45 degrees, or use another method?
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