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Sultana by Prophotog - Model Shipways - scale 1/64"

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This is Sultana "Re-Deux".  I started my 1st Sultana right after Christmas.  Due to several mistakes, I decided to order a replacement hull from MS.  It took them quite a while but I finally got it this week. I am following Chuck Massaro's practicum plus all of the tips that I have picked up from the rest of you all.  I am gratefull.  This time, I will take my time.


As shown, I have done away with the bulwarks.  I have "attempted" to mark the centerline.  After much weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth, I think I have come pretty close.  This is actually the third or fourth attempt to get a line that looks pretty good.  I used a jig that I copied from one of you builders with a centering ruler.  The deck went fairly well. 


Marking the keel and the bow was another story.  Getting the keel line to match up with the deck line was tricky too.


When I look at the deck line from stern to stem, it's straight.  But when I eye it from stem to stern, the forward deck line looks to veer to the right.  I think it's an optical illusion.


If anyone knows of a solid technique to establish the CL, I sure would like to talk to you.


It's been a while since I have built a wooden ship. Twenty or so years to be somewhat exact.  So I welcome any and all suggestions, ideas and critiques.





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March 4, 2013

Work has begun in earnest.  I made a couple of compromises to determine the CL.  I assumed that the carving machine was not as far off as my own measurements supposed.


I read somewhere on this forum about the explanation why there are a couple of marks for station 4.  If someone knows why, please let me know.  Just can't find it with the new forum.


I decided to go ahead and glue the deck templates so i would have a good idea how much wood would need to be removed at the deck line.  I started  at station four and worked forward.  This time the Dremel sat idle.  I did all sanding by hand with a course grade of paper, fitting the templates frequently.  No unsightly gouges this time....so far.


The only issue I still can't resolve to my satisfaction is not being able to get the CL on the templates to match up with both the deck and keel CL.  I'm close but I'd like to be "on target."  I'm off by about 1/16" at most.

After I work the forward sections some more, I start on the aft sections.


Again, suggestions, ideas and critiques are more then welcome.



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Hi "Prophotog" (sorry - but I didn't get your name!!)


I built the Sultana a few years back. Station 4 appears on both the FWD and AFT templates (I think) because these marks are supposed to meet - at least that's how I remember interpreting it - it was a while back and a lot of builds have happened between....


I can see you have quite a bit of extra space at the stern (judging by how your deck plans fit atop the hull) - so removing that amount of wood across the entire stern (all the way down to the keel) will help get those lines to meet up. But given the distance I see in one of your photos between the marks for station 4 on the FWD and AFT templates, I don't think removing all that material all along the aft end of the hull will make the lines meet....


It is common for slight inaccuracies or discrepancies to creep into kits. If the station lines on the profile templates don't exactly meet up this will not affect the overall model too much - as long as the overall hull shape is correct - this you can determine by using the profile templates individually and the station templates, and the deck drawings you have pasted to the top of the pre-formed hull....



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On the measurements, I think that you should get them as close as you can, but at the end of the day, making adjustments and such is something we all have to do at one time or another. I think you are making the right calls so far. Have fun.



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Hi Prophotog,


I am building the Sultana too and am about halfway through the build. Started my repost today. Search..... Sultana by Hopeful. One of these days I will add a tag to my signature to get you there quicker. 


The Sultana build is not as easy as some make it out to be. I find it challenging all the way which is fine by me. I had all the challenges you are having. Go slow and you will be fine......its not a race. 


Will follow your build from here and wish you well.


By the way, I agree with comments made by Russ and Hamilton.....they are right on!



Hopeful aka David

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