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Amati Dorade questions


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Under orders from the First Sea Lady, my next "build" is the Amati Dorade - for display purposes:






It's more of an assembly, than a true build.  Should take weeks, not months (or years).



  1. Is it worth making a log for this?  I couldn't find anything similar.
  2. Can I get help on supporting the parts during assembly, please?

Here's the problem.  This is the first page of instructions:






The parts to be positioned as in Fig 1 & Fig 2 are loose fits.  The frames are irregular shapes.  There is no obvious way to support the model at this stage of assembly for gluing.


Normally I could just invert the model, but the timbers running fore/aft are not flat either:






So, back to the 2 questions - do I make a log, and any clever ideas how to support it during gluing?





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