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J class Endeavour by rivie - Amati - 1/80

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What's in the box? The more I start to look around the more I am impressed. Tools are included and quality of them is pretty good! I'm really happy with the plastic boxed and the fact that they have a little indent (See picture) so when you drop it you don't loose everything! (speaking out of experience.) Everything looks great!  







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I've started with the keel and have come across the first little issue, it seems to be a little bent (see pic ) I've glued it on a flat surface and the problem seems to be that the top is straight but the bottom has a little curve. Looking at the wooden tablet I got the keel out of has the same curve. How should i fix it? (I was thinking steam). The picture is not very clear but on the left you will see its not straight! 


Ah.. It's upside down... Doesn't make it less bent tho' :)



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Hi ,


I just tried to straighten the keel with dry heat and learned that patience is quite useful in this kind of project. I made a big crack in the wood and ended up using glue and wood filler to fix it and make it look nice -er. But on the bright side it is straight now! 


Also added the frame sections as well. 







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so here is the continuation.. I have decided to plank one side first as I though that If I mess up on my first time, I could hide that side to the back when I display it. I am happy I did this as I have made lots of errors. I got a bit too motivated on the sanding and now a bit of the frames are showing through the planks.  The keel is getting me a bit worried now, but I'll see how that goes! 


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It may be a bit late, but the recommended way is to plank both sides at the same time, so do the top plank port then top starboard etc.; if you only do one side you CAN (not always!) give the keel + bulkheads framework a bit of twist. Doing both sides lets the two lots of planking even themselves out.

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