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Artesania Latina HMS Bounty questions

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I recently purchased the Artesania Latina HMS Bounty kit and I have a few questions that I hope some of the MSW members might be able to help me with prior to starting the build.


Regarding this particular build; while I fully appreciate and respect historic accuracy and proper scale, I plan to put a little more emphasis on what looks good to me as opposed to accuracy and scale.  


I’m thinking about incorporating a few techniques of planking that may not have been used on the Bounty and aren’t addressed in the build instructions (e.g. joggling on the upper deck section, anchor stock pattern on the wales, and a three plank shift of Butts pattern on the decks and hull).


I’m also going to add walnut veneer stripping to the exposed plywood frame and false deck edges on the open side of the model as recommended in one of the AL Bounty build threads I read.


Here are the questions I would much appreciate some help or suggestions with.  I know facts can be hard to find on the original specs so any best guesses are welcome:


1-      Is this correct; the Bounty (actually the Bethia) was built in 1784 (18th century), so according to my reference books the average plank length appears to be around 20 to 24 feet for that period ship.  So, at 1:48 scale the length of each plank would be approx. 6 inches (24 feet or 288 inches = 6 inches at 1:48 scale conversion).   Note; this length works out well because the frames are 1.5 inches center to center. 


2-      What type of nail was used for deck and hull planking on the Bounty (the kit provides brass pins/nails)?


3-       What type of planking patterns were used on the deck and hull of the Bounty (were the deck patterns consistent on all deck levels)?


4-      What length were the planks on the deck and hull of the Bounty (not sure if the deck planks were typically shorter than hull planks)?


5-      Any help pointing me to build threads (doesn’t need to be the Bounty) that outline the detail steps on how to complete joggling on the upper deck of a ship would greatly be appreciated?


Any other tips, suggestions, warnings, ect., would be much appreciated.


Just in case any of the following members read this post I’d like to thank them for their valuable input on a couple of AL Bounty build threads I’ve read:


Captain Al – thanks for the AL Bounty build log, please keep it going.


Captain  Fisher – thanks for the AL Bounty build log, please keep it going.


Dan Vadas – thanks for your valuable advise/comments and pics on the above logs.


KeithW – thanks for your valuable advise/comments on the above logs.  Also, for the great pics you posted of your finished AL Bounty…..well done.    





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I am working on the same model. Same Co.

Some of the instructions included are a little hard to understand.  Probably as a result of translation. So. having said that one book that, as far as I know, that might be of great help.

Absolutely great book by John McKay, The Armed Transport Bounty.

It has been of a great help to me.

Beautifully drawn, Great Detail.

Bought mine at Amazon.com

hope it helps.



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Hi Ted,



Thanks for the reply and the tip on the book.  I just ordered it from Barnes and Noble.



I've read the instructions several times and find them fairly detailed, but agree some of the translations are a bit confusing.  However, the picture book seems to clarify most of the short comings of the narratives.



I read a review on the AL HMS Victory kit and basically most of the plus and minus comments apply to this model as well. The instruction set basically ends when the rigging starts.  So all we have to go on is the full size rigging sheet that's included.  The book should help fill in the gaps.



I also found an error in numbering on one of the "high tech cut sheets".  Part 170 (the Bow Stiffener) is labeled/numbered as 77 which is actually the hold well box front bulkhead part. No big deal.




Overall, I really like the kit, the wood, parts and laser cuts are very high quality and the instructions are good enough to get the job done (it’s a great kit for the price IMO).



And as you know, the AL Bounty model makes a beautiful finished ship display.  I’m really looking forward to the build   :)  


I plan to start a build log at some point as well.





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Hi Ted, thanks for visiting my log, although it's more of a list of things you shouldn't do! I can't answer most of your questions, except to point you towards AOTS: Bounty by Mackay, as others have done. To be honest, when I built this ship all those years ago, all I wanted was a nice looking boat as a centerpiece for my living room. I didn't really care about historic accuracy, I just wanted a nice looking boat. 


As for deck planking patterns, take a look at Ulisses Victoria's article in the MSW database: http://modelshipworldforum.com/resources/Framing_and_Planking/Deck_PlankingIIbuttshifts.pdf

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Hi Keith,


Actually, it's Boyd.  Ted made a comment on this thread regarding the recommendation of a book  :)


Funny you mention the motivation behind your purchase and build of the Bounty.  That's exactly how I felt until I started doing research on the Bounty and other ships along with reading many other threads.  I slowly began to feel somewhat obligated to try and pay more attention to scale and accuracy.


Either way, I'll give it my best shot and learn along the way :)


And thanks for the link, it's exactly what I have in mind.  In fact I was just playing around with the pattern. I painted the deck black and will lay the planks with a slight gap to show the tar lines. Oh well the upload of a picture didn't work.....I need to do my homework on uploading pictures :(   


Thanks for dropping in and hopefully you 'll follow along when I start my build log.



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I too am attempting to build this kit. I've owned it for more than 20 years! It sat on a shelf all that time. My question is how to identify the correct plank parts for the decks and hold. I do not see any markings as indicated in the rather poor instructions. Some of the plank parts are very similar in color and thickness. Anyone have a suggestion?



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