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H.M.S. Victory diorama.


H.M.S. Victory diorama.
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A depiction of the "Drumming Daybreak" ceremony each day at dawn.


These images were taken under many different lighting conditions and through a plexiglass case.In the future I plan to come back and identify what is going on using a storyboard technique.Cheers! John.

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On 10/20/2017 at 1:46 PM, Gahm said:

Amazing diorama, wonderful work! How did you make all these crew members?



I carved and positioned all the figures in different poses. Thank you. Cheers! John.

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This is an amazing piece of art. I've been researching this ship for quite some time now, for a project I'm about to start. put many hours in and have collected a bunch of rare out of print books, diagrams, different version of model instructions. I came across a post you made, regarding rigging order, it looked to be the most definitive set of instructions I could find out there; it's a few years old now and most of the image links are gone. Is there a more up to date version anywhere? you talked about adding more details to it. (also if anyone is looking at doing this build, I have, The Anatomy of Nelson's Ships by C. Nepean Longridge, HMS Victory Classic Ships NO1 Noel C. L. Hackney, The Hundred Gunship Victory The Anatomy by John Mckay - happy to share images from them) 

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