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  1. I love your interest in all the victory feeds john, I guess you had some interest in her.


    Regards  OC.

  2. I would like to do the bow, waist and stern sections in 1/64 as a diorama.I am just in the planning stages now and builds like this are very helpful in my research. Cheers! John.
  3. This is not an easy build.When I started my Sergal kit back in 1973 when I opened the box I knew that this was going to be challenge.No decent plans or instructions and what there was in Italish.With the help of Longridge, I made it through to the end with lots of blood, sweat, and tears.It was a real challenge as there was no internet then and not a lot of pics.Looking back though it was a great introduction to research and planning.I don't think that many Victorys got finished in those days.Cheers! John.
  4. Hi !William.I find that on any long build I start off with great enthusiasm then have a dry spell around 2/3rds in then when I see the finish line the enthusiasm slowly returns.Hang in there.Cheers! John.
  5. Hi! Mark.The patina is just wonderful.The idea that it was a study model makes it all the more interesting to me.It has a storyline all of its own and dioramas are all about the story.It is wonderful as well that you have taken the time to research this piece of history.I will be following your project with enthusiasm. Cheers! John.
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