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  1. Great pictures of your Syren with all the deck details in place, showing the beautiful work you have done on your model! Thomas
  2. Beautiful paint job, Justin! And have a great Thanksgiving (not just drywalling . . . 😉). Thomas
  3. Your progress is amazing! At that speed you will be finished with your Syren before Christmas 😉 Thomas
  4. As usual you take a good kit and use your superb craftsmanship and love for historical research to get a master piece out of it. Very impressive! Thomas
  5. That is a nice looking pump! And in my opinion it looks even more impressive with the handles mounted 😉. Thomas
  6. Your stern arrangement with all the details in place looks very nice! And you make very good picture as well 🙂! Thomas
  7. Great progress! Your deck is getting crowded 🙂. The binnacle turned out very nice! Thomas
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