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  1. Thank you, Johann! I am constantly using your build log as inspiration for trying out new techniques and ideas 🙂 Best regards Thomas
  2. Beautiful work, Bob! And I love your color choice . . . the red capstan presents a very nice highlight. I can imagine getting all these guns done must be quite some work. Lots of repetitive details. But your results look very convincing 👍! Thomas
  3. Your staircase is a piece of art! Absolutely beautiful! Thomas
  4. Your carronade mount is very well done! When I did mine one of the biggest problems was to ensure that the mounted carronade did not end up too high within the gun port. It took me quite a bit of work and redesign to get it somewhere close to the center. Hopefully you will not run into this issue, but better check for it 😉 Thomas
  5. That is quite a milestone! It makes such a difference once you have the masts up and the standing rigging in place. It looks very good! Thomas
  6. This is absolutely amazing! There is constantly something new to discover . . . a superb model! Thomas
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