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  1. Not given up on this, just been decorating my workshop, which is my kitchen. Build is on hold, but I have a new kitchen nearly.
  2. Started working on the stays, it's been tough last couple of weeks to get motivated on this build. Spent a lot of time just working out processes.
  3. Stunning build, you must be very proud. Great build log too, thank you for sharing, I too have learned a lot from it and taken a lot of inspiration from this. So thank you again. Can't wait for your next build.
  4. The both look good, but the constitution is another level from an visual preference. I've been after the Revell uss constitution 1/96 or the uss united states 1/96, for quite some time.
  5. I'm not a fan of putting sails on, purely because the supplied ones are never very good and also its my asthetic preference, but your sails look fantastic so far.
  6. Still working out how to rig the deadeyes with a level of confidence and that is comfortably repeatable. Happy so far. Also reset the bottom deadeyes to match the orientation of the rigging and chainplates.
  7. Slight colour change which is not very visable, but it makes a big difference. Also added first deadeye.
  8. Still at it. Been busy working on staining the deadeyes, working on what to use for strops and the how to fix them in place ready to be rigged to its partner. Also been waiting for more deadeyes ordered and some dark natural beeswax.
  9. Deadeyes arrived. The 3mm ones are in kit format and incomplete so will have to wait a little longer.
  10. Looks great, the chain plates look great too, did they come with the kit or did you fit them custom? If you want to stop furry lines on future builds you could try running the thread through a block of bees wax. Not sure if there is a fix with fitted lines, maybe one of the more experienced builders might have a suggestion.
  11. I like the Noel C L Hackney books, the R C Anderson book is hard going, but very informative. I have a book about the Susan Constant, by Brian Lavery, its a very well put together book.
  12. Did this, got some numbers, I think I have most of those sizes in threads, or very close,. So I'm waiting for dead eyes to arrive.
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