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  1. I like the Noel C L Hackney books, the R C Anderson book is hard going, but very informative. I have a book about the Susan Constant, by Brian Lavery, its a very well put together book.
  2. Did this, got some numbers, I think I have most of those sizes in threads, or very close,. So I'm waiting for dead eyes to arrive.
  3. If I'm honest, I'm unsure of how the sizes are worked out, the paragraph in the above book looses me. I get, Main Stay should be about 1/6 of the widest circumference of the main mast. (which in my case is 1mm) I get The fore stay should be 4/5 of the main stay. (which in my case is 0.8mm) Then I'm usure as to which I'm basing the rest of the measurements on, as the book does not state after that, is it the 1mm or the 0.8mm. Or are the measurements taken from the last measurement worked out (if that was the case the thread would star
  4. Thanks again for the info, it's much appreciated. Should I work off the images, the spreadsheet, or work from the diameter of the main mast?
  5. I did measure them with digital calipers the other day. Largest are about 4.5mm and the smallest are around 2mm. I was thinking going with this set. https://www.hismodel.com/articles-detail-1488 Not sure if I'm allowed to post that link, apologies if not.
  6. Stripping back the rigging again. Completely gutted it, will have to repaint and fix damage.
  7. The book is interesting and the history part is decently put together. I think for the scale it would be a mix of sizes, comprising of 7mm 5mm and 3mm triangular deadeyes. This was also mentioned here on an earlier post. I just need to figure out which sizes go where and try and find someone selling those sizes. Also I still need to convince myself I want to, spend the extra time and money.
  8. Thinking of adding in triangular deadeyes as the plastic ones with the kit look bad and have bothered me from the beginning. What size would be best? Thanks.
  9. Hello, thank you for your input. Its much appreciated. On this build, I was /am never sure of what I am doing. So I am treating this more as my practice, learning curve. I'm not sure where my skill levels are also. I try something then I change it as and when I learn something new, I know if I keep doing this, it will never get completed. If I was to answer, I would say I'm happy for it to look good, but if I can do something that looks accurate and I can achieve it, then that is OK too. So a bit of both would be nice. Im about to strip all the rigging of
  10. Going to redo the shrouds so they loop over the masts. I thought I would have completed by now. Still a long list of thing to complete.
  11. I'm not sure where I read it, but would the first shroud line be whipped of each set of shrouds and rat lines? Thanks in advance for any answers.
  12. Tough decisions. Scrapped the ratlines for a third time. Did a little damage, but nothing that can't be patched up. A step backwards, can sometimes also be a step in the right direction.
  13. Thank you. Your advice is much appreciated. That book is very costly in my part of the world, but I will keep looking, as I may get lucky. I've seen a digital version and it definitely looks like a book I would like to add to the shelf.
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