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  1. Not happy with the way the look, might have a go at making my own deadeyes (not the paint job as they are mid coats, just how they look in general)
  2. Furl sail attempt number (lost count) let's see how it dries and paints. I think it still might be too big in 1:72 land.
  3. Also attempting to make some scale barrel and box shapes using fimo polymer, plastacine that can be hardened in a conventional oven and then painted.
  4. I would like all the sails to be up but the kit only comes with one, so will begin to try and make my own. I saw that someone in the build logs had done an amazing job with tissue paper (.H.M.S.Victory by JerseyCity Frankie – Heller – plastic - 1/100 – mostly rigging and sails) First effort, not as good, but it's a start.
  5. Adding a black and brown wash, burnt umber acrylic 5/95 water and then some detailing (black acrylic not mixed) to the mast ropes and just below each section of 'rope' to add more depth.
  6. Progress, still a long way to go, next will be adding the guns and hatch doors. I intend cut down the cannon lengths so they look a little different along the side and have the hatches in various stages of open and closed. (I haven't added any masts at this, just wanted to see what they looked like)
  7. Added the new mast hole, also been trying to add gloss varnish to try and make the deck look like it is wet in parts.
  8. Missing mast hole? The bottom left shows how the mast slot should look, on closer inspection top right next to the large square opening should be another half moon opening which is not there. I've tested to see if it was covered by paint or a little flash, but it's solid plastic. I will have to make my own. (used an older pic as it was on my phone already)
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