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USS Oklahoma CIty (CLG-5) scale 1: 200

Valeriy V
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Valeriy V
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The author of the model of the cruiser USS Oklahoma CIty (CLG-5) Vladimir Skirdonov (Zaporzhye, Ukraine).

During the construction of the model, graphic materials were used by Phillip R. Hays (  https://www.okieboat.com/Contact page.html   https://modelshipworld.com/topic/19321-uss-oklahoma-city-clg-5-1971-3d-cad-model/ )  for which the author of the model expresses his deep gratitude and appreciation.



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Vladimir has made an extraordinary model of this ship! The ship had a huge amount of detail and he has captured it faithfully. Especially so when you consider it is 1:200!


My congratulations on a job well done!


Phil Hays LT, USNR-R

USS Oklahoma City CLG-5 1969-1972


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Vladimir and Phil have my admiration and gratitude for preserving the memory of the USS Oklahoma City.  I served alongside Lt. Phil Hayes from 1970-1972.  These were some of the best years of my life.


Henry Walters LTjg, USNR

USS Oklahoma City CLG-5 1970-1972

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