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  1. New member intro

    did my naval time in norfolk in the early 70's,,,,, WHEN IT WAS STILL THE NAVY!!!!!!!!! think i would hate doing it now
  2. New member intro

    hey ger, used to know the upstate very well, lived in oswego for 15 yrs back in 80s and 90s, the wife still swears i glow in the dark sometimes,,,,too bad the only association people have with NY is the city,,,some dummies dont even know there is a beautiful state there also!!!!!!!
  3. a glutton for punishment

    the real boat wont work,,my first model was a 1:1 scale 25 foot barrel back runabout,, why the next two were 4 footers,,, the alternative that somewhat helped was beer drinking in the titty bar with al bundy kersh
  4. a glutton for punishment

    not new but returning, after building my first two models and committing the cardinal sin of building one of those " flying contraptions" i decided to atone for my sin by building a six foot model of a fletcher class destroyer form a three foot lindberg 'blue devil"... for you young uns thats an iconic WW2 destroyer thats as much responsible for winning in the pacific as any hoity toity aircraft carrier,, may the gods of modelers have mercy on me...cause the wife doesnt,,,,damn, not another one was her only comment!!!