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  1. dgbot, submarinechief, robinbill Thanks for suggestions. I will try all and see what works for me. Mel
  2. Currently have Benjamin Latham 48:1 under construction and am stymied at chain plates. Plans say mfg from 1/16 brass strip but I cannot drill holes in this small strip with table mounted Dremel. I have searched for ready made chain-plates but have had little success. Currently have some on order with Hobby World but am afraid they are out of scale at 7mm. Any suggestions on how to make them would be appreciated sideliner
  3. Bob Appreciate the input. I have pretty much reached the same conclusion. Every time I run into an issue on this model that is not clearly pictured in plans or instructions, I have reviewed similar builds and just forged ahead and tried to put my self in the place of the real shipwrights trying not to put a square peg in a round hole. Reminds me of tightening the connecting rods on my old 1950 Chevrolet...Take a shim out, re-tighten the bolts till it feels right, start it up and if the piston doesn't knock, it's fixed. Thanks again Mel
  4. I have reached the bulwark planking stage on my Benjamin Latham fishing schooner. Would appreciate opinion on the rake of the transom and position of aft main rail. I have a recently posted a build log that will show my progress so far. Please take a look at attached thumbnails. I have viewed all appropriate build logs for this model but am still unsure as how to proceed. This is my first serious build. I appreciate that this transom has been a problem for others. Looking at plans, instructions, build logs and actual photos of this ship I cant see how the bulwark planking fairs into the transom. Mostly due to my lack of experience I suppose.
  5. Reply to Jeff located just north of Dallas Texas USA
  6. Thought it was time to come in from the shadows. I have been following several Benjamin Latham build logs and they have been a great help. I am about to start planking and have a question about the depth of keel rabbit. I will address my questions on proper forum with pics later. A bit of personal history. I owned a Catalina 22 back in the 70's and 80's. Took part in two national regattas. Sold her and took up RC sailing with my Seawind class. Now I have moved on to the real challenge. Building an accurate model of wooden sailng ships. My first was the Endeavours Longboat. Completed it last month. If I get into this hobby I may have to add on a room for dispay. I wish that I could find some local model builders near me. Must be lots of old guys like me doing this.. prepare to come about