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  1. I just ran across this thread and found it fascinating. I’ve been working on an old wooden model, although I haven’t updated the build log for a bit, I’m getting ready to do so. In the process of trying to develop what, for me was an extensive kit bash, i worked with several of the free 3D CAD programs. I ended up with using Fusion360 and had reasonable success with getting my modification ideas into a 3D visualization that worked well. My experience with getting the Fusion360 design into the file format that I needed to use to do some laser cutting, was poor. I eventually developed
  2. Thanks for a lovely model. I’m doing a similar model schooner from a 40 year old generic model with very limited info. Your build and others are helping me to figure out how to go forward.
  3. I’ll be following your build with interest. I also am restarting an similar, old model (Constructo Schooner), and you are ahead of me. So I will be tracking how you address some of your build issues since I see several that I will also face.
  4. I am totally impressed with the level of detail and the quality of your work. I am slowly working on my design for a kit hack of a schooner, and your work is given me a lot of inspiration! Keep up your posts.
  5. I’m in awe! If I were you I would be tempted to display the model with the wheel house open, and some miniature tools around.
  6. I enjoyed your log and your model. Congratulations on a great build. Somewhat like you, I’m restarting a solid model that is about 45 years old, and I’m not sure how well it will go, but i intend to check back on your log for hints. I will especially be going to your log for your rigging techniques. Your log has excellent descriptions and I found it very informative.
  7. I’m a newbie and just ran across your log. I’m starting a schooner myself, and am going to go back over your log to get some ideas of what I can be doing to make my build better, and learn some of your techniques. I’m dreading the rigging part of my model, but I’m a long time away from that point, since I’m still in the research part.
  8. I’m just getting into Fusion 360 for some simple decking and laser cutting for deck furniture but the work you are doing is fascinating. Keep up your log and I will keep following and, hopefully, learning.
  9. It is “American Fishing Schooner by JeffK - Constructo U604...”. There isn’t much to see yet, and, at the rate I’m sorting through what i want to do, probably not much actual physical progress for several weeks. What I’m going to try to do will change much of the deck layout. I’m currently sketching (then 3D CAD) for most of the furniture on the deck. The changes will be done using either a laser cutter, or a CNC wood milling machine. Our local library has these available for use.
  10. I’m just starting to build a generic fishing schooner and am following your log for ideas and techniques. I am in awe with what your are able to do and hope mine is a tenth as good. I’m also amazed how fast you are moving in this.
  11. Thanks for taking a look and for your comments. I thought of several reasons for the "scale model" problems. but I never thought of doing something that would just fit in the box! I have been thinking about a name for my model, my wife refuses to let me name it after her. so i'm probably going to go the the dogs and name it after one or several of ours.
  12. I asked some questions, earlier, about this 40+ year old Constructo kit. I've got emotional ties to this as it was a present from my wife and, I think, has been on my list of things I want to finish for the longest time. After deciding this was the time to restart work, I realized that the model has some issues/ The plans and packaging described it as a scaled model but there was no actual scale provided, nor any reference name that would give me a clue as to scale, or size of the full sized ship. The following is a picture of the model, as I left it years ago. T
  13. I have, I think, the un started model languishing in my work shop. It, in theory, will be my second build. if you still need info, let me know and I will shoot some pictures of what I have. I remember a couple of sheets of pictures and some more f the plans
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