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  1. Looks like a fun project! Nice work Bug! Dirk
  2. Thanks a lot Bob, Tony, Popeye, Jesse, Chris and the likes Much appreciated Chris on one of the PE parts (the top one at the quarter badge) you may see that I allready thickend it up a bit with white glue. Surely I won't use the PE's this flat cheers, Dirk
  3. Doing more moldings. It is imo very important to have them parallel, what is not an easy task as we remember that there is a lot crap of lines .. anyway pictures. The lower molding will be paralles also even the locations curve is not the same as the transom but I decided to ignore that and remove the black paint after the moldings fixed. Back to the drops. It's much easier to adjust them maybe I can allready use the first FIMO trial. So, that's the actual state atm. Next will be starboard. cheers, Dirk
  4. Painting(disaster) between the last and the next picture are a lot of pain .. masking band glue damaging the black paint, totally sanding, trying thinner coats with airbrush, not happy, resanding, brushing with prior paint, looking good, touching to early, resanding ... and and and ... I were very close to check out a motor saw .... Doing some inboard stuff. As the moldings where gone cause of the paint (I hate white paint .. haha) I had the idea to use styrene sheet to get some "structure". Started the molding ... more pain then pleasure to get the runs (because of the now "wrong" window angle) Not really happy visually ... (it will be corrected later though ;)) Another crap thing ... the quarter badge drops ... Firts they are totally different starboard vs. port side (thin vs. thick) So we are redoing them with Fimo. You will see the first testresult later. Here we go with the corrected molding on the quarter badge ... looking better (when not perfect) cheers, Dirk
  5. Inboard planking ... unfortunately the moldings will not visible after painting .. you will see later ... I decided to paint it white as the cabins were at this time. I where also thinking about closing the quarter badges and build doors ... maybe I'll do that in the inboard planking stage. Finishing the badges. Doing the caprail. I use bending beech for that. Love that, makes it very easy at it has a very hard and flat surface. The next part is bending beech too, the kit ones is just crap, breaks in nanoseconds ... cheers, Dirk
  6. The quarter badges, all parts are made with pear. This was the stage I discover the major error, I guess it is understandable that I did not deconstruct at this stage. So I had to fix it somehow. Not perfect but it works kinda ... Up to the next "I don't understand it"-desaster ... I guess you agree that the angles look ok ... But .. nope ... I don't understand .. there must be something wrong. I compared the plans and there IS a discrepancy .. no idea what is right or wrong there ... ... anyway, finding a compromise ... not happy with that as it will influence the lines of the moldings later .. but no oother chance ... cheers, Dirk
  7. It's about time ... this will be a very long update ... about Pleasure & Pain ... The transom The first picture allready started with a major mistake. Aligning to the tw0 lines with this much errors in this kit not a good idea as we will see later. Another bad idea using lot's of glue for strength at a location where better not to do ... haha ... Anyway redid the transom with pear. And here we go with the first major error, don't ask me why, I don't understand it, as so much .... it's a relation of love & hate with the Confederacy ... Outer windows does not have the same size ... arghhhhh (I saw this in a later stage then this picture though ...) And removing glue is not fun too... lot's of pain in this stage ... Here you can see how much of the wood has to be removed to get it all flat. Done. Planking the transom ... not able to get the same curve ... don't understand this again .. anyway this will be not a big problem later. cheers, Dirk
  8. Happy Birthday Johann!! Have a great day with lots of fun! :)

    1. archjofo


      Hallo Dirk,


      vielen Dank!

      Viele Grüße


  9. Good luck ... my first "replacement" was the same ***** then before ... It's a real pity, it's just a bit of money to make the customer satisfied ... (and they could save so much more money with a bit of a quality control with then lesser replacements needed ...) Dirk
  10. It's a downgrade, it's even the wrong thickness so that things do not fit well. I had long discussions but unfortunately they don't wanna "learn". They even did not fixed the laser errors on the Confed Stem parts as I saw on a new started buildlog here, or sending replacement phot etch parts not fully etched, just a simple visual check before sending out ... It's so frustrating to see good developed kits handled this way. I can just tell you write them, demand good plywood, don't accept it. I got told so often I am the only one complaining ... yepp ... maybe ... Dirk
  11. Congrats Bob, another Masterpiece finished. Thanks for the nice buildlog, it was a pleasure to follow Dirk
  12. So nice, I admire your building art Bob! Great Job! What will be next? Dirk