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  1. Hey Piet, everything is there, nothing is deleted :-) https://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/1254-hr-ms-o-19-by-piet-1939-1945-scale-150-submarine-royal-navy-netherlands/ Your signature links were wrong. I reseted all links to the main page as startover to correct them. You can find your topics always here too: https://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/profile/1399-piet/&do=content&type=forums_topic&change_section=1 cheers, Dirk
  2. Ok, I had 62.0.3202.94 before, updated and now have the "problem" too, so it is a verified Chrome issue. Nothing we can do though ... (I only wonder why my Chrome did not update automatically ... ) cheers, Dirk
  3. Win 10/Chrome and no problem. Maybe we need to dig which extensions are used ... There where def no changes here within the last weeks. Dirk
  4. It seems to be related to the css "order"-property what would explain it for very old browsers like IE10 or older versions of other browsers but it is strange indeed. IPS Default do not use this property though. Dirk PS: Please post always the exact versions you are using, e.g. "I'm using Chrome" is unfortunately not very helpful
  5. > I answered on a reaction by using the 'quote' option without any problem.... Can you for sure say how long that is ago? > Maybe some advise what is usual in such a case? I do the same, having all my texts and images saved locally. I would be very happy to see you restarting your log! :-) cheers, Dirk
  6. I made two more LAST changes now to avoid people not reading and deleting their own threads. Final deleting time is now 90 (NINTY!!) days after deletion AND as a test the bad button is RED now (in the uniform theme!) red like READ and THINK before pressing this no return button. cheers, Dirk PS: G.L. I'm really sorry for the loss of your buildlog, I talked to invision forums support member also if they could "do" something, or what might be went wrong... no success ... sorry again!
  7. Christian, don't get me wrong, but again, YOU made the mistake by NOT reading! There is no "normally", we decided to give users the option to delete their own threads for reasons. We also made the messages more clearly what unfortunately don't make sense if you don't READ them ;-) Please check this topic here too: cheers, Dirk
  8. I restored your thread. But I have to say it's a bit easy to say the "new sistem is very hard and has a lot of problems" (what is simply not true!) instead just to read what messages are telling you ;-) "Are you really sure? Please check what are you doing (e.g. deleting your whole thread)" cheers, Dirk
  9. Should be there again. That was very close to final deletion (3.11). Next time please tell us immediatly when things happend. cheers, Dirk
  10. I think it is obvious ... plans for $2 ... come on guys cheers, Dirk PS: Thanks for asking though, much appreciated :-)
  11. Guys do you mean the like button right side (winners cup) or the "like count" (green plus with numer of likes) left side? Is liking really NOT working atm? Dirk
  12. New iMac Frustrations

    Hej Jim, some minor advises from my side: "I go to load the printer software in the computer and image my chagrin when I discovered no DVD drive" 1st The OS might has it's own good printer drivers "on board" 2nd It is always a good idea to download the most recent driver from the web so for that a DVD-Drive is normally not needed "Hook up the drive and Aperture 2 ($300) not supported, Aperture 3 upgrade ($125) not supported" Even Aperture will not developed anymore it is still running and functional on the latest MacOS Version Sierra (I have it running). Did you try copying it from your old Mac? I'm pretty sure the Aperture and Topaz Filter problem can be sorted out this way. You should be able to redownload it from the "purchases tab" in the App Store Application. Check here too: https://discussions.apple.com/docs/DOC-8402 As a hint for a nice and cheap program, check out "Affinity Photo", there you can use the Topaz Plugins too afaik. I can understand your frustration though. But as life is constantly developing computers are too... not always to good .. but that life either ... ok thats kinda philosphical ..hehe Dirk