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  1. Lookin' good Rusty. I'm right there with you. The cold, wet weather has moved into the PNW today so I came home from work and finished gluing the keel to the frames. I'm sitting down with a glass of wine and a fire. Eventually I will take some photos and update my build log. Have fun! Rob
  2. Hi Chuck. It is the new keel. I sanded the center keel piece (with notches) after it was glued on to match the stern pieces. I took the photo before I did it. v/r, Rob
  3. I haven't posted in a week or so- it's time for an update. I sanded the stern keel sections to achieve a 1/32" rabbit to accommodate the width of the planks, Everything went great until I decided to dry fit the transom. I sanded the entire stern keel section such that it didn't fit snugly in the laser notch of the transom any more. Of course I waited to check this until after I had glued the stern keel section onto the keel. I debated trying to use alcohol or some other method to try to get it off but in the end I decided to start over using the simplified keel. This time I was careful to only
  4. Jeff, I have had the same problems you describe. I used an exact with a sharp #11 blade and a file. The key for me was to take a little off with the blade, file it smooth, and repeat until I removed enough material. I took my time and it came out better than I expected. Having a plan B really took the pressure off. I knew that if I screwed it up I would still be able to complete the project. Have fun!!! v/r, Rob
  5. Well I guess my build is underway. I began by using a set of digital calipers to measure the width of the keel. I then divided by 2, set the calipers and made a faint mark on the charred sides of the keel pieces at the scarf joints. Using those marks as a gage I began to cut and file my way down. As I got close I began using the calipers themselves to check for high spots. I'll glue them up once I run to the store and grab some titebond. I followed Chucks advice to take my time and not settle-make it fit. I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out. For anyone following along I'll warn you,
  6. My kit arrived yesterday. I had already committed to working on a repair project at my church but I did have time to gaze lovingly at the contents and conduct an inventory. Everything was there and it looks (and smells) great. I hope to get started today after work. v/r, Rob
  7. It makes perfect sense Rusty. My idea was similar-to take a piece of 1/32" scrap attach it to something thicker/longer and set it against the keel as a gage to set the correct spacing. The 1/32" piece will set the rabbit and the thicker piece will rests against the keel. I hadn't thought of using rubber cement to hold it in place. I will probably make a couple and space them out. I need to find a piece of glass or marble as well. Thanks, Rob
  8. While waiting for my kit to arrive out here in the Pacific NW I've been reading Chucks build log and thinking about how I intend on assembling the keel. I am curious as to how you insure the keel has a 1/32" rabbit on each side (i.e. centering the four 3/32" pieces). I have some ideas but I'd like to hear what more experienced builders have to say.
  9. This group build seems to be a great way to build and learn. I've already (mentally) reserved a spot on the mantle for the finished product.
  10. Thanks Ken for taking a look and for your advice. A chisel or #11 blade will definitely give me a sharper corner than a file. Matrim thanks for your observation as well. I think I'll start working on the "inner" frames and by the time I get to the "outer" frames that will be more visible they should look better. v/r, Rob
  11. Well I've had a bit of a setback. I began laying out the pieces to assemble a frame and the pieces weren't lining up right. I checked the scale on the frame component sheet and found it was not 1:48 scale, more like 1:50. I gathered all the frame assembly sheets and frame component sheets and found some of each. I remember printing some of the files at home and some at work. The ones I did at home were the correct scale. Good thing I was sitting down when I figured it out. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't angry but I'm going to chalk it up to experience and move on. I reprinted all the sheets u
  12. Before I begin assembling the frame, I need to cut the slot in the floor futtock for the keel and keelson. First step is to make two cuts on the lines defining the width of the slot using my scroll saw. Then I made several more cuts in between being careful to stop at the line marking the depth of the slot. Next I used a 1/4" chisel to remove all the waste wood in the slot. Finally I used a small file to clean it up and fit it on the keel. Hmmmm. It looks a lot better without the close-up lens. Looks like I need to work on the fit a bit more. I'm welcome to any and
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