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  1. Thank you Reg, JJ and Glenn. Also for all the likes. Glenn despite it's size it's really a lot of fun. Plus it's not rigged so that helps keep the foot print down.
  2. I was able to find a little time to complete the rudder cover and the benches. The parts are laser cut from cherry by Syren. and are perfect. Now I have to clean up any dust so I can add the windows to the stern and Q galleries '.
  3. Thanks Joe. Yes still 6 days a week. Though the activity is decreasing I've still have to put in the hours. I just pick away a bit at a time and I post once I've compiled enough.
  4. Hi Glenn, Your Cheerful is looking great and so are your pictures. Love it!
  5. For me it seems I spend an extraordinary amount of time rerunning line as I keep crossing them. She's coming along nicely.
  6. Hi Greg. I've enjoyed working with the pear and happy with the way it is looking. As to the rudder opening you are correct about the openings size. I can get about 2/3 movement but I didn't want to cut away more of the frieze. So straight and steady for this Winnie! Can't get anything past those sharp eyes of yours.
  7. Thanks Greg. For me I would do it at Chapter 5. It wasn't hard at all to do and I'd worry about putting the frieze on with the hole there.
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