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  1. I hit the assembly various times throughout planking the hull so I waited until the hull was finished and smoothed everything and then applied more WOP. I don't think you can go wrong touching it up now and then when you finish planking the hull though. Kind of 50/50 to me.
  2. I would leave them as is until you take some measurements from the plans to confirm what is the correct height.
  3. She's looking really nice Glen. I have faith you'll conquer the moldings before you run out of wood!
  4. Very much so. I'm really looking forward to the inboard work! Thanks Glenn and yes I will be using pear to plank the decks.
  5. Chapter 4 Cherry parts have arrived as well as the hatch grating kits!!!!! They are even better that they look. I installed the beams that create the opening for the hatches. Next I had to "fair" the tops of the bulkheads. As I decided to cut my own bulkheads there is some minor variations in the height of the tops of the bulkheads. It's probably a combination of sanding to the line or taking the line. That seems minor but it can cause some minor stepping. To get the run as smooth as possible I sanded the whole thing. Next I'll start dry
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