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  1. Time in the shipyard has been severally curtailed of late and not looking good for the future either. So far I've been able to add the deadeye/chain plate assembly as well as build the trestletrees and the fore, main and mizzen top platforms. Next I'll start working on the yards when I have some free time.
  2. Purchased separately. I don't remember what is the correct size. I'll check when I get home.
  3. I asked this a while ago. Per Chuck, "The cannon are in fact the 1 15/16 resin for the gun deck. 1 9/16 for the upper decks."
  4. Hi Glenn, Glad to hear you are safe and hopefully things get back to normal sooner than later. It's always amazed me how many tools we get out for some of the smaller projects!
  5. Thanks for the kind words Glenn, Tim, Glenn, Bob and Bob! The speed seems faster than it is as I've built various parts over a longer period of time as other portions of the build were drying etc. Then I installed them at the appropriate time. Also it shows what a good job Chris did designing this model!
  6. Hi All, The cannon breech ropes have been added and the cannon glued in place along with the shot racks. The quarter deck rail has also been added. The aft deck rails are three pieces glued together to create the rail. Here you can see the timberheads in place and painted. Next up is adding the deadeyes and then on to the masts and yards.
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