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  1. Very nicely done Chuck. Your step by step explanation as well as accompanying pictures will make it much easier to do. Thanks.
  2. Looking really good Ken.I'll have to stop down and see it in person again!
  3. While waiting for my new line I made 4 three block assemblies. They consist of two 3/32 single blocks and one 1/8" single block. These are for rigging the lower yards sheets, tacks and clue lines. The new line has arrived and now the rigging can continue! Thanks also for all the likes.
  4. She's looking really good. Your usual excellent workmanship. I went with both guns at the bow as it looked better to me.
  5. Onward we go. I'm temporarily stalled as I underestimated the amount of .008 line I would need. An order with Syren was made and as usual Chuck shipped right away. Hope to have it in a day or two! This where I am at this moment.The anchors have been re rigged and back in place. All of the Topgallant and Royal Yard rigging has been completed. I've completed the main and fore lower yard braces too. Next up is the sheets, tacks and clue lines when I receive the ordered line.
  6. She's looking really good. The pictures are nice but she looked even better in person. Keep up the good work.
  7. Starting over sometimes is the best thing to do. Hopefully you're on the right track now.
  8. Thank you B.E., Dubz, and Walace. Yes it is sad that our four legged mates come and go so quickly leaving a hole that is hard to fill. She was the best of a long line of shop mates! I've started the rigging of the royal yards and should have more progress soon. Also thanks all for stopping by and all the likes.
  9. Ok it's been a tough couple of weeks in the workshop. While working on the rigging for the topsail and topgallant yards the sleeve of my shirt caught the fore royal stay snapping the topgallant mast at the sheave. Soooooo the air was very blue for awhile and once it cleared and I could see straight I disassembled the topgallant mast again, made a new one and re-rigged it ..... again. Once that was done I was able to continue working on the rigging with short sleeved shirts! With the Main and Fore Topsail and Topgallant yards in place I've rigged the ties, buntlines, lifts, sheets, clue lines and braces. Next I'll move on to the Royal yards. Now for the second and more painful workshop tragedy. My shopmate for the last 11 1/2 years has gone on to the great workshop in the sky as is the issue with beloved pets who never seem to live long enough. She was my faithful companion every day for all those years always making moving around the shop a challenge. You see she was a 135lb (61kg) mastiff and she took up a whole lot of space though she thought she was a lap dog. Tallie last fall on her 11th birthday. And where you would more commonly find her. She didn't mind me stepping around her at all! A gentle giant who will be greatly missed.
  10. Great job Ben. Like Chuck said your presentation of the exposed frames is really sweet!
  11. That's what I did and it worked well for me. Everything is looking great!
  12. Great workmanship Ken. If any of the monofilament should show a very tiny drop of yellow ochre paint hides them well.

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