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  1. Very nice job on the planking Derek. Very neat and clean. Sorry no help from me as I think it will look great either way you go.
  2. Thanks Chuck, Yes they were long in the making. It's one of those man I've been working on these for how long and that's all that is done moments. Thanks Glenn. When you get to that point in your build send the brass. Can't guarantee the turnaround time though! Thanks for all the likes too.
  3. A little update here. All the gun port lids have been made and painted. The eye bolts and ring bolts are made and ready to go. The the hinges have been cut from wider brass stock. They have the holes for the eye bolts drilled and filed to shape. The tops now need to be filed and shaped to accept the hinge bolt. That's it for now.
  4. Sorry B.E. After reading the two Glenn's logs I guess I had a brain cramp! Your work was excellent too! 😊
  5. Glenn I would wander into the shop to get something and moan every time I saw her covered like that. Thanks Ben. Great to be back.
  6. Thanks Chuck. It took me a minute to figure out where I was last at. It was great to see you and everyone else. I can't believe it's been 2 1/2 years! Sure thing Joe. Thanks Bob, Yes I'm itching to have a go at those gun port lids. Thanks for all the likes too.
  7. Hi All! Long time no see. Well life intruded on my modeling for the last few months but most has been squared away and no longer demanding so much of my time. So now the workshop is again open for business. The poor Winnie has been in dry dock all this time, covered and ignored. I've started out small by building the ladders for the two hatches. They are ones in Cherry purchased from Syren. Small progress but it's great to be back at it! Next up I'll be doing the gun port lids and hinges.
  8. Your planking looks really good. I went back and looked and I too had ten planks to the margin plank. Don't know if it's correct but at least we are both in the same "boat"!
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