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  1. Thank you but it's more a testament to Chucks ability to design superior models and provide such detailed instructions that we can produce such good results. Also thanks for all the likes.
  2. The last few days were spent cutting 250 strips of 1/4"x3/64" for the hull planking. I found it interesting that the strips cut from the same billet changed color not only when you worked your way through the billet but also from end to end. Here is the strips cut from one billet. I separated the strips from each billet into separate packages to aid in trying to use similar planks next to each other. Also strips that look similar end up having a different look when the finished is applied. I cut out the drop plank and placed it after lining off the first two strakes. Well yesterday I thought I would be posting this update but when I looked at the first two strakes below the wales I did not like the way it looked at the stern. I had to remove the last three planks and redo it. I'm happier now. I then applied the first coat of wipe on poly. Next should be putting on the second layer of the wales and the black strake. I'm contemplating finishing planking the hull to minimize scraping the finished wales. I tend to manipulate the hull a lot when I plank. I will hold it upside down, spin it around, have it in my lap etc. Have to think about that for a bit. Hmmmmm
  3. I've now completed the planking above the wales on the starboard side. At this point it's been only sanded with 150 grit. I'll now add at least the first two strakes below the wales before adding the second layer to the wales. Once the two lowers strakes have been added I'll finish sanding and apply a finish. I'll also be spending a lot of time this weekend turning these 1/4" sheets into 3/64" strips. The instructions call for approximately 250 strips. That will take awhile!
  4. Welcome aboard Fred. Follow what Chuck says, go slow and enjoy the ride!
  5. Thanks JJ. The paint I'm using is Admiralty Paints Acrylic Red Ochre.
  6. Hi Ben, I'm undecided on the finish at the moment. WOP, Tung Oil, Sanding Sealer? I guess I'll have to decide soon. Hi Joe, So far so good. Hope to see all of you then. Also thanks for all the likes!
  7. Here's where the Winnie is at in all her dirty glory. I'm happy to say that the starboard side went as it should. I've planked the first 5 strakes above the wales from the bow to bulkhead #15. She's in need of a sanding and a good cleaning. Thanks for stopping by and all the likes!
  8. Thanks for the kind words. We all see things we would like to improve. The best thing is pushing on, learning, but most of all enjoying this wonderful hobby. I also agree with start a log. Best way to get help. I’ve been saved many a time.
  9. Hi Dirk. I'm glad you've started the Confederacy build back up. I'm excited to see what you do with it!

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